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BistroMD's Cheese Ravioli Dinner: Taste the Delicious History of Rustic Italy

This cheese ravioli dinner by BistroMD is certain to leave you satisfied and wanting more.

BistroMD's Cheese Ravioli Dinner: Taste the Delicious History of Rustic Italy

With ingredients inspired by the rustic regions of Italy, BistroMD’s cheese ravioli dinner will bring the delicious flavors of classic Italian cooking right into your very own kitchen!

It is believed that cheese ravioli made its first appearance in Venice, Italy in the late fourteenth century. In fact, early editions of the first cheese ravioli recipe have appeared in ancient writings of the famous Italian artist, Francesco di Marco.

These writings by di Marco are believed to be the earliest known writings of the cheese ravioli recipe, in which ravioli was made by egg whites beaten with fresh cheese, mixed with a variety of minced green herbs.

Ever since these early recipes came to light in the late fourteenth century, cheese ravioli has become one of the most popular dishes in Italian cuisine history, and around the world.

At BistroMD, our chefs put a healthy spin on this rustic Italian dinner, but still keep the same traditional flavors people have come to know and love about cheese ravioli.

In order to create the perfect cheese ravioli dinner, our chefs use only the freshest ingredients to create perfection on a plate.

A generous portion of perfectly seasoned mini-cheese ravioli are boiled to the perfect tenderness, then drizzled in a homemade pasta sauce. Each ravioli is stuffed with a variety of low-fat cheeses, and served with a colorful helping of delicious green beans almondine.

To see how you can get this delicious cheese ravioli dish delivered to your door, and to see more gourmet meals prepared by the chefs at BistroMD, visit our new menu.