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BistroMD: Nutrisystem Meal Plan

BistroMD seeks to bring diet focused, nutrient rich, and tasty food to your doorstep.

BistroMD: Nutrisystem Meal Plan

Nutrisystem is a company that we have all heard of, but few people know that they are not the only diet food home delivery program. Nutrisystem gained widespread attention as being around at the inception of this service, but BistroMD is the future. While both companies offer the same type of service, Nutrisystem is lacking in some areas that bistroMD excels in.

The reason that many people's diets fail is because they do not like the taste of "diet food". Nutrisystem certainly sells what you would think of as diet food, but at bistroMD, we don't sell diet food. We sell healthy food that is consumed in the right portions to be good for your body and allows you to weight loss.

Another differentiator between the two is that bistroMD was created by a board certified bariatric physician; Nutrisystem was not. Having a doctor behind our program allows us to better serve our customers. If a client calls in with a health concern, they will not be given recommendations by a customer service representative, but by degreed nutritionists who have been informed by the doctor.

When one places an order with Nutrisystem, they are simply sent a meal plan in the mail. When you order from bistroMD, not only are you sent delicious meals and healthy snacks, but you also receive weekly program material and one-on-one support from our dietitians. The program material consists of helpful hints and useful information and articles written by the doctor. Each week, along with your shipment you can look forward to this helpful informative material. The other benefit of bistroMD over Nutrisystem is our on staff dietitians. When you call in with a nutritional question, you do not have to worry about the source of the answer or its accuracy. You can speak directly with our certified, degreed dietitians. Now that is good customer service!