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Woman's World Awards BistroMD Best Meal Delivery Service for Picky Eaters

Is bistroMD the best meal delivery for picky eaters? Woman's World thinks so—and here's how you can expand your food world, too!


While we all prefer some foods more than others, avoiding many out of pure pickiness can be problematic. Not only can picky eaters1 dampen their social experiences with loved ones and quality of life, but they're at a greater risk of nutrient deficiencies and chronic diseases.2

Learning how to build healthy meals for picky eaters is one solution, or you can let bistroMD do the work for you. Besides, Woman's World recently named bistroMD the best meal delivery for picky eaters—and we encourage you to broaden your food world, too!

BistroMD Named the Best Meal Delivery Service for Picky Eaters

Woman's World recently announced bistroMD as the best meal delivery for picky eaters after Holly J Coley, lead Commerce Editor at Woman's World and proclaimed picky eater, experienced bistroMD's Vegan Program first-hand and became a true believer. 



Holly explains she wasn't fully convinced that the meals would work for her since she's difficult to cook for, making it hard to find the perfect meal delivery service.

Moreover, while Holly's not vegan, she does avoid certain foods—like dairy, eggs, nuts, and soy–questioning if meal options would even be available. "Fortunately," Holly says, "I was wrong" after receiving these protein and plant-powered meals:

• Jamaican-Inspired Stew
• Butter Bean Ragu with Roasted Garlic Brussel Sprouts
• Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
• Moroccan Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew
• Harissa Chickpea Power Bowl
• Tarka Dal Curry 

"Many people think that plant-based folks only eat salad, so I was impressed to have a wide variety of dishes not based around lettuce. I have an adventurous palette, love spicy things, and unique flavors. These dishes were right up my alley!"

But if she had to eat only one entree from the bunch, Holly would go for the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. "I know I just complained about people offering me salad, but this one was soooo good. I love a warm salad, and the olives gave it a slightly salty zip that made the entire dish sing."

Benefits of Joining BistroMD

Curious about the benefits of joining bistroMD? There are many, and below highlights the top perks that Holly also attests to!

1. Custom Plans to Meet Your Goals and Preferences

BistroMD might be the leading weight loss meal delivery service, but it's also good for picky eaters looking to eat healthier and the convenience of having ready-prepared meals on hand. You can also choose from various programs to accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences, including animal and plant-based protein meals.

BistroMD Programs include:

Women's Program
Men's Program
Heart-Healthy Program
Gluten-Free Program
Keto Flex Program
Diabetic Program
Menopause Program
Vegan Program

And as Holly mentions, "It doesn't matter if you're trying to lose weight, have a more nutritionally balanced diet, or can't deal with food prep. They have you covered." We sure do, Holly!

2. Fully-Cooked Meals Straight to Your Door

All bistroMD meals are delivered straight to your door, fully cooked, and ready to eat. Simply pop the meal into your microwave, heat for about five minutes, and enjoy! (Don't worry, the packaging is BPA-free.)

3. Endless Support

BistroMD is so much more than a ready-prepared meal delivery service, and the entire bistroMD team is dedicated to your success and well-being. By joining bistroMD, you'll receive one-on-one email support with dietitians and be delighted by the responsive customer service team.

Who knew meal services go beyond meal planning? Most don't, but bistroMD strives to support your health and wellness goals fully!

4. Fair Pricing

Eating healthy, especially factoring in the ultimate convenience factor and variety of unique meals, surely will break your bank… Right? Actually, no!

BistroMD continuously aims to make convenient, innovative, and healthy meals affordable. And as Holly points out, "Eating well as a vegan can be pricey, especially if you like incorporating different spices and ingredients."

"Because of this," Holly continues, "I think BistroMD's Vegan Program, at $189.95 per week for 14 entrees, is a good deal. And if you grab it now, you can enjoy it for $113.97. I would definitely reorder on weeks I know I'm too busy to run to the store or meal prep."

Try the Best Meal Delivery for Picky Eaters Today!

Even if you're the pickiest eater, bistroMD might just have a nutrition solution for you. Not only can branching out of your food comfort zone improve your health, but enhance your relationships with others and quality of life! 

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