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Balanced Diet Plans: A Taste of a Day With BistroMD

From a delicate breakfast to a hearty dinner, take a glimpse of the best frozen meals delivered to right to your door for a truly delicious, nutritious, and convenient experience!

Balanced Diet Plans: A Taste of a Day With BistroMD

If desiring healthy and delicious meals delivered straight to your day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, look no further than bistroMD!

BistroMD is the nation's leading weight loss meal delivery service, offering balanced diet plans directly to doorsteps.

Doctor-designed, dietitian-approved, and chef-prepared meals provide a scientific balance of complex carbohydrates, whole grains and fiber along with lean protein and healthy fat ratios.

All meals also feature the freshest ingredients possible and are sure to satisfy both the waistline and taste buds!

Balanced Diet Plans: A Taste of a Day With BistroMD

Below offers just a glimpse of the best frozen meals delivered to right to your door for a truly delicious, nutritious, and convenient experience!

Breakfast: A Delicious and Delicate Ricotta Crepe with Berry Compote

Forget the typical breakfast of bacon and eggs and envelop yourself in a morning sensation: A delicious and delicate ricotta crepe with berry compote.

Crepes are a staple in French cuisine and have been so for centuries. In French culture, not only are crepes appealing, but considered to be an art form in gourmet cooking.

While crepes were once considered to be more of a popular dessert entrée amongst royalty, they have made their way to bistroMD's morning menu in a healthful manner.

For a healthy breakfast dish that is French-inspired but prepared by bistroMD's expert chefs, this ricotta crepe with berry compote is just one of the many breakfast items to get the day started just right.

For our one-of-a-kind crepe recipe, bistroMD chefs delicately fold the decadent and warm flavors of ricotta, Neufchatel cream cheese, honey, cinnamon and vanilla.

The crepes are served with berry compote alongside turkey sausage for the ultimate combination of flavorful antioxidants and lean protein to keep the body satisfied until lunchtime.

Lunch: BistroMD's Chicken Meatball Marinara Wrap

BistroMD's chicken meatball marina wrap not-so-coincidentally wraps fresh flavors into a lunch you do not want to miss!

A fiber-packed whole grain flatbread wraps all your favorite Italian flavors, including Italian chicken meatballs that are smothered in marinara, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese.

The wrap is accompanied with a side of emerald broccoli florets for an extra healthy dose of fiber, vitamins C and K, folate, and potassium. They also contain the phytochemicals, or beneficial compounds sourced from plants, indoles and isothiocyanates which may protect against cancer.

Truly, the chicken meatball marinara wrap will take you on a quick flavor trip to Italy, all in the comfort of home, at the office, or even on-the-go!

Dinner: Hearty Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf with Yuca Fries

BistroMD puts a nutritious and delicious spin on a favorite comfort food sure to "meat" your high expectations! Because who says you cannot enjoy those homestyle favorites whilst losing weight?

For a fun spin on a traditional bacon cheeseburger the bacon cheeseburger meatloaf is topped with a smoky savory tomato bacon jam! And as if the meatloaf was not jam-packed with nutrients and flavor as is, it also features quinoa and mushrooms for added plant-based protein, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals.

And rather than traditional fries, upgrade to yuca fries cut delicately from the cassava plant that deliver a slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

BistroMD Brings You the Best Frozen Meals

All meals are prepared with the freshest raw ingredients, making bistroMD unparalleled for quality and value. And not to mention, there are over 200 recipes and a customizable menu to please any taste preference for all times of the day.

From breakfast to dinner and snacks in between, additional menu items provided by the best meal prep delivery service include:

• Breakfast: blueberry waffles with mixed berry compote, dark chocolate chip crepes with pork sausage hash, southwest chorizo frittata, Canadian bacon and Swiss omelet, western egg scramble, peanut butter crepe with strawberry compote, English muffin sandwich with egg, cheese omelet with turkey sausage, and chicken dill crepes with fruited quinoa

• Lunch and Dinner: beef and vegetable stew with burgundy wine, chicken mole, blackened chicken with creamy smoked paprika sauce, scallops with chili garlic sauce and couscous, chicken enchilada stack, roasted tofu and ancient grain salad bowl, sliced ham with mustard maple sauce, turkey breast with cranberry apple chutney, Jamaican-style black pepper shrimp, and breaded catfish with tartar sauce and slaw

• Snacks: dark chocolate coconut bar, white cheddar crunch, raw nut power mix, java boost shake, southwest nacho chili crisps, blueberry parfait bar, BBQ chicken jerky with cherries, strawberries and cream cheesecake, crunchy almond puffs, glazed cinnamon bun bar, and cinnamon toast pretzels

Truly, losing weight and eating great has never been so simple and convenient with the best frozen meals in the industry!