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Delicious Avocado Toast with Egg, Smoked Salmon, & Beyond!

Toast to the avocado life by enjoying avocado toast with egg, guacamole, and other top-notch toppings!

Delicious Avocado Toast with Egg, Smoked Salmon, & Beyond!

Avocado is more than a trending toast topping... Known as a superfood, avocados and other avocado toast toppings provide excellent levels of nutrition.

Find out exactly what to put on avocado toast, including 20 top-notch toppings and their amazing health benefits.

Avocado Toast Health Benefits

The health benefits of avocado toast are truly tremendous. Avocados provide "healthy fats" and are naturally cholesterol-free. They contain many vitamins and minerals as well.

Toast, especially whole-grain options, provides fiber and carbohydrates. Other toppings can provide nutrients as well. In fact, dietitians report that avocado toast ingredients may help reduce the risk of a heart attack, stroke, and macular degeneration.

Avocado Toast Nutrition

Beyond fats, avocados provide fiber and plant compounds called phytonutrients. Fiber helps to slow down digestion. Overall, avocados can help to stabilize blood sugar levels and promote a feeling of fullness.

Another advantage of avocado toast is using high-fiber bread. Like the fiber found in avocados, high-fiber bread has ingredients that curb cravings. Along with avocado as a replacement for higher-calorie toppings, high-fiber toast helps satisfy an appetite.

Avocado toast is a popular option for a plant-based breakfast and great for a homemade breakfast spread or a brunch outing. For example, a fried egg works great as a flavorful breakfast add-on. As an appetizer or main dish, avocado toast makes a great midday meal option.

Avocado Toast Recipe

There are three main parts to any avocado toast recipe, including the base, the main star, and the toppings.

The Base

Plain avocado toast starts with a strong base of grain. Most recipes up the nutritional value by pairing avocados with some sort of whole-grain or high-fiber bread.

Bagels, English muffins, or rice cakes can also create a twist on the original toast. For an avocado toast meal recipe, use bread that is packed with protein. Protein adds to the sensation of fullness experienced by the body.

Great options and ingredients for grains include the following:

• Flaxseed
• Pumpkin seeds
• Sesame seeds
• 100 percent whole grain
• Pumpernickel

Also, rub the bread with garlic to add a bit of flavor and brush the bread with a bit of lemon or lime juice before the baking process.

The Avocado

The star of the show, the avocado flesh is mostly mashed or sliced but can be cubed. Healthy avocado toast happens when attention is paid to portion sizes. Avocados are nutrient-dense, but they are also calorie-dense.

Overall, only a small portion of avocado is needed to help create a feeling of fullness from the toast.

The Toppings

Toppings or seasonings can range from simple garnishes (i.e. flaky salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes) to unique choices (i.e. smoked salmon).

Additional ingredients, such as the 20 toppings listed below, can be added to customize the toast even further. Often, oils, balsamic glazes, or other drizzles are added to elevate this simple dish.

Another great tip is to use non-starchy vegetables, such as:

• Radishes
• Cucumber slices
• Arugula
• Sprouts
• Pickled onions

Some savory add-ons that are also low-calorie include:

• Sriracha
• Lemon juice
• Lime juice

Additional options include portioning out the avocado. One-third of a medium avocado is only 80 calories. It also includes healthy fats, which the body needs to function.

Avocado Toast Alternative

Options such as gluten-free avocado toast also exist! Sweet potato toast with sprouts makes a great substitute. It can be layered just like regular avocado toast and also contributes carbohydrates and vitamins to the diet.

Avocado Toast Ideas

Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, spruce up or dress down avocado toast with deliciously different toppings!

1. Avocado Toast Everything Bagel Seasoning

Simple yet satisfying, everything but the bagel seasoning avocado toast is a delicious dish. For non-egg eaters or those allergic to eggs, chickpeas can substitute for the soft-boiled egg in this scenario as well as sliced, pan-seared tofu.

2. Avocado Toast With Egg

Avocado toast and egg are another great, common pairing. For a unique combo, shaved egg salad and radicchio on pumpernickel create a flavor explosion! Also feel free to top with scrambled eggs, poached eggs, and other eggs cooked to preference.

3. Avocado Toast with Egg and Bacon

Perhaps one of the most flavorful options, Mexican egg, bacon, and avocado toast is a drool-worthy sight. Complete with the classic pairing of bacon and eggs, an old favorite gets an upgrade. Like an open-faced breakfast taco, it contains colorful ingredients like paprika and Pico de Gallo.

4. Avocado Toast with Bacon

California avocado toast with bacon is both delightful and delicious. The fats in bacon are not quite as healthy as the fats found in avocado. So, this recipe helps contribute to a balanced diet by combining bacon with other nutrients.

5. Avocado Toast Feta

For a taste of the Mediterranean, try a beet hummus-layered avocado toast. Add sliced avocado, kalamata olives, and some feta cheese on top. Sprinkle with chopped pistachio or walnuts for an added crunch.

To make a breakfast toast with feta cheese, avocado breakfast toast is a great choice. It includes nutrient-rich ingredients like whole-grain bread, arugula, citrus, radishes, and almonds. Crumbled feta cheese is the metaphorical cherry on top!

6. Avocado Toast with Cream Cheese

For an avocado toast that is a delicate mix of pastry flavors, pomegranate lemon cream cheese toast does the trick. Citrus meets salty since this toast combines ingredients like lemon and pink salt - both appetizing and eye-catching!

7. Avocado Toast Goat Cheese

Avocado toast with goat cheese, honey, and berries may not sound like a great combination at first glance. However, flavor abounds with this colorful array of ingredients. The contrast of creamy with the stark berry taste makes for a refreshing snack or lunchtime meal.

8. Avocado Toast with Honey

Salty, meet sweet. A simple sprinkle of lemon juice, honey, and sea salt does the trick for celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

9. Avocado Toast Guacamole

For an avocado toast using guacamole, combine these simple ingredients:

• Lime
• Avocado
• Salt
• Tomatoes
• Red onion
• Jalapeño
• Cilantro

Then, top a bread such as toasted sourdough with the guacamole mix and enjoy!

10. Avocado Toast Jalapeño

Reminiscent of street food, street-corn style avocado toast takes it up a notch. Turn up the heat by adding the following to toast:

• Mashed avocado
• Chopped jalapeño
• Chopped cilantro (plus more, for garnish)
• Fresh lime juice
• Roasted corn
• Crumbled feta

Another spice-layered toast with a country-style twist is Fresno Chile avocado toast. Get a taste of freshness and zest by brushing sourdough with olive oil. Then, add lime juice, thinly sliced Fresno chiles, and garnish with cilantro leaves.

11. Avocado Toast Lemon

Whether added as a juice or in thin-sliced form, lemons make a fresh addition to avocado toast. Perfect for summer brunch, lemons are water-rich and add a zest snap. They pair well with not only avocado but with many seasonings and cuisines.

12. Avocado Toast with Egg, Caramelized Onion & Red Pepper

Simple yet nutritious, avocado and egg toast can get a quick and easy upgrade. Caramelized onion and red pepper flakes create a unique flavor profile. Hearty whole wheat makes this 1-step recipe even more heart-healthy.

13. Avocado Toast with Radish

For a purple-hued menu, "The Randy Radish" avocado toast is a savory break from the normal. Combine any radish (i.e. purple daikon, watermelon, regular round red) with some sea salt and layer on top of smashed avocado toast. Pickled radishes add an interesting flair and flavor, and salt and pepper nicely accent each distinct topping.

14. Avocado Toast Salmon

Avocado toast with smoked salmon makes for a sushi-like bite. Layer toast with avocado slices, cucumber, smoked salmon, carrots, sesame seeds, and seaweed. Smoked tofu can also take the place of salmon as needed.

Smoked salmon with dill avocado toast is a recipe that also utilizes smoked salmon. Instead of a deconstructed sushi, healthy bread is used to layer European-inspired ingredients. Creme fraiche, olive oil, and dill springs are added as a garnish.

15. Avocado Toast Tomato

Get the feeling of pizza with "The Margarita" avocado toast option. Top toast with smashed avocado, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, and a sprinkle of lemon juice. Salt and pepper the toast as desired.

16. Avocado Toast with Yogurt

A surprising topping, yogurt adds protein and creamy flavor to herbed egg salad and avocado toast. Paired with pumpernickel bread, swap higher-calorie options like butter or mayonnaise with plant-based options as desired. Chives and garlic add just the right amount of spice as the seasonings of choice.

17. Avocado Toast with Citrus Slices

For the perfect balance of sweet and savory, avocado toast with citrus slices does the trick. Add chopped orange segments, a drizzle of balsamic reduction, and sliced fresh basil on top of toasted, high-fiber bread for a filling dish.

18. Avocado Toast with Apricots

For a fresh avocado toast addition, toss arugula with lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. Layer fresh, sliced apricots on top and sprinkle toasted pine nuts as a finishing touch.

19. Avocado Toast with Mango Salsa

Fresh mango makes everything taste better. Mango salsa avocado toast adds to the original with a scoop of salsa and a kick from chili flakes.

20. Zesty Avocado Toast

Lime and balsamic glaze help add a twist to zesty avocado toast. High-fiber bread is great for keeping one full after breakfast and beyond. Fresh parsley and arugula make great additions to this tasty recipe.

The Final Word on Avocado Toast Toppings

There is no right or wrong way to make avocado toast. Most recipes can be customized as desired to meet dietary needs or personal preferences.

For nutrient-rich dishes, choose the freshest fruits and vegetables, protein- and fiber-fueled options like grains or yogurt. Also, pay attention to portion sizes when it comes to avocado and other calorically dense favorite toppings.


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