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Chicken Fresco: A Fun Way to Eat Chicken

With its colorful side dishes, and unique flavor, our delicious chicken fresco recipe will satisfy your appetite, and feed your imagination.

Chicken Fresco: A Fun Way to Eat Chicken

Imagine a chicken fresco dish that is wonderful to taste, and healthy to eat. Our delicious chicken fresco is guaranteed to brighten your day with its vibrant colors and splendid flavors! In fact, our chicken fresco is a visual spectacle in itself.

The chicken is bronzed with a warm shade of golden brown, as the beautiful, diagonal look of the grill lines sweep gently across its surface. The rest of your dish displays a bright, colorful scheme of intriguing and romantic side dishes that make you eager to try them. Before you slice your knife into the chicken to take your first bite, you are surprised by an intriguing smell of exotic Italian spices, and rich, flavorful aromas.

Even though chicken fresco doesn’t have an extensive history in the food world, over time it has become a favorite dish for people who want a satisfying meal with great flavor. Our delicious chicken fresco dish not only has great flavor, but it is also healthy, and it is accompanied by a palette of colorful and exotic side dishes.

In order to give our delicious chicken fresco the flavor punch it needs, our chef seasons our chicken breasts in a combination of exotic Italian spices, and lets them marinade over night. The marinade on our chicken fresco makes it truly divine, but it is the unique side dishes that make it so special.

One of our side dishes is a beautiful serving of haricot vert. Haricot vert is a type of French green bean that is very thin and long. Their rich emerald green color will make them pop off your plate, and our chef delicately seasons them with a small coat of lemon rind and black pepper.

To add more culture and variety into the mix, our chef also prepares a delicious side of risotto. Risotto is an Italian rice dish that is used as an accompaniment to many traditional Italian cuisines. It is made from a type of rice called arborio rice, and it can be made in a variety of different flavors. To keep things healthy, our risotto is prepared by using the broth from our chicken fresco, and then it is garnished with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

In addition to the haricots verts, and the risotto, our chicken fresco is served with a rich and flavorful side of sun-dried tomatoes. Sun-dried tomatoes are structured to hold sauce well, so they are always flavorful, and their vibrant red color will entice you to eat every last one off your plate.

The final touch to our chicken fresco dish is a special white truffle oil that gives our chicken fresco its most exotic and unique flavor. White truffles originate from the Piedmont region of Italy, and they are in season from late fall to mid winter. White truffles are used in a variety of cooking because their earthy, garlic aroma and flavor add a surprise and intriguing flavor to many main courses. After our chef the sizzles the white truffles to perfection, he smoothes a perfect coating on to the chicken, and garnishes it with capers and artichoke hearts.

With its colorful side dishes, and unique flavor, our delicious chicken fresco recipe will satisfy your appetite, and give you a healthy choice of intriguing new flavors!