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A Penne Alla Vodka Dinner You Won’t Have to Travel to Italy For!

Penne alla vodka created by the chefs at BistroMD is healthy and delicious!

A Penne Alla Vodka Dinner You Won’t Have to Travel to Italy For!

The traditional flavors of this classic penne alla vodka dish can be delivered right to you, courtesy of the culinary chefs at BistroMD.

As one of the more recent, but most popular Italian dishes, penne alla vodka has a short, but delectable history in the culinary world.

The origin of this Italian favorite actually has many food enthusiasts stumped. There are several people who claimed to have created the first penne alla vodka dish. From a man named Luigi Franzese in 1931, to a Roman chef working for a vodka company in the 1980’s, the true creator of this rustic Italian favorite is still unclear. One thing’s for certain, though: the flavors of this Italian delight will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Since the beginning of its creation, penne alla vodka has always been comprised of these main ingredients: penne pasta, heavy cream, crushed tomatoes, onions, and a slight hint of vodka. In keeping with this tradition, the chefs at BistroMD are taking these same ingredients, and spinning them into a healthy and delicious version of this classic Italian favorite.

To start, our chefs take freshly chopped tomatoes, sliced onions, and mix them together to create a flavorful and traditional penne alla vodka sauce.

Once the sauce is complete, our chefs add in a slight hint of vodka, and layer it over the top of perfectly cooked whole wheat penne pasta. Simply put: this pasta is a gorgeous confection of plated perfection.

Once the pasta is complete, our chefs pair this perfectly prepared penne alla vodka with a colorful, and healthy palette of fresh steamed broccoli.

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