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Gourmet Recipes to Enjoy Today

Our gourmet recipes are the right combination of flavor and fun! They are also healthy!

Gourmet Recipes to Enjoy Today

The biggest fear that people have when they go on a diet home-delivery plan is the taste of the food. You’ve tried the low-fat frozen meals in the grocery stores, and you’ve tried the low-fat cuisine that simply tastes bland and boring. At BistroMD, we are proud to offer a variety of different meals that are packed full of flavor and culture! Our meals taste great because they are truly gourmet! From the coast of India, to the countryside of Italy, to the tropical landscape of Latin America, here is a taste of some of the delicious culture-based cuisine we have to offer:

Chicken Fresco with Risotto, Haricort Vert and Sun-dried Tomatoes:

Imagine a chicken fresco dish that is unlike anything you have ever tasted! Although chicken fresco doesn’t have an extensive history in the food world, it has become a favorite dish for people wanting a satisfying meal with great flavor. Our chicken fresco dish is truly unique because it is served with a healthy palette of delicious side dishes. Our chicken fresco is seasoned with a blend of colorful exotic spices, and then marinated over night. After the chicken has been marinated, it is accompanied by a beautiful serving of thin and long French green beans, called haricort vert. The green beans are lightly dusted with lemon rind and black pepper, and their rich emerald green color makes them pop off your plate! Our chef then prepares a side of Risotto, which is an Italian rice dish made from aborio rice. Our Risotto is prepared from the broth of our chicken fresco, and then it is garnished with delicate flakes of Parmesan cheese. A beautiful side of bright red sun-dried tomatoes is next on the plate, and they are a perfect, flavor-catching food to add to the meal. Our chicken fresco is then finished off with a special coating of white truffle oil. White truffles originate from the Piedmont region of Italy, and they are in season from late fall to mid-winter. Once the oil has been simmered to perfection, our chef pours a smooth helping of the white truffle oil over our chicken fresco. The dish is then finished off with sliced capers and artichoke hearts. With the earthy, garlicky flavor of the white truffle oil, and the rest of our colorful side dishes, our chicken fresco recipe will make you say, “multa bene!”

Curry Chicken with Tri-Colored Couscous:

With its colorful couscous, and rich exotic flavor, you don’t need to travel across the Indian Ocean to experience the flavors of our curry chicken dish! Curry chicken has been a staple in India’s culture for many years because of its sweet, but spicy flavor. Our chicken curry dish won’t disappoint because it is a combination of sweet, and spice, with everything nice! Our chicken is slowly marinated in a blend of garlic, black pepper, and lemon juice, and it’s rubbed with curry powder that has been toasted in the oven. Curry powder is a combination of turmeric, coriander, cumin, with red pepper, and by toasting the curry in the oven, our chef brings out the biggest and boldest flavors that are in this combination of unique spices. Our chef also combines our curry with a smooth blend of coconut milk, with a dash of cilantro. Couscous is a staple in many North African regions, and it is made from a granular form of semolina flour.