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Avoiding the Tempting Wedding Cocktail Hour Snacks & Staying Healthy

Parties and celebrations are often filled with joy, laughter, oh, and a copious amount of food and drinks... But rather than stressing on how to sustain your health goals, learn how to keep a diet going at a wedding with these 10 tips!

Avoiding the Tempting Wedding Cocktail Hour Snacks & Staying Healthy

10 Ways Not to Destroy Your Diet at A Wedding

1. Start the Day Off Right
Rather than kicking off the day solely with celebratory mimosas and blueberry muffins, start it off right by being active and preparing a nutritious breakfast filled with satiating protein. Doing so can keep energy and hunger levels maintained and prosper healthier choices throughout the entire day.

2. Be Choosy with Appetizers
Appetizers are all too common leading up to the main course and warrants great risk of overeating. While you do not have to avoid them altogether, be choosy on which you go for and limit how many you decide to plate. But if they start to become too tempting, simply sit away from the appetizer table or mingle with others to distract you away from them.

3. Choose Your Entrée Carefully
Some weddings allow their guests to choose their main entrée, offering them an opportunity to go for a healthier option without high temptation. If descriptions are available, stray away from heavy pastas and battered and fried pieces of meat. But if in doubt, the vegetarian wedding entrée will at least guarantee servings of vegetables, along with a likely plant-based protein source.

4. Go for Color On Your Plate
Rather than offering entrees, some weddings go for the "all-you-can-eat" buffet-style, which may be dangerous to your health goals. However, start by loading up your plate with colorful, high-fiber veggies, including a leafy, green salad and roasted options. Complement the veggies with a lean protein source, along with a complex carb as desired, including brown rice or a whole grain roll.

5. ...But Not in Your Cup
While color tends to be encouraged, perhaps that bright blue mixed drink is not... Colored drinks tend to be an indicator of high sugar mixers that packs on nothing but empty calories. Instead, toast the newly weds with champagne, which caps about 100 calories for five ounces. If cheersing without alcohol, ixnay the sugary cups of soda and opt for water or club soda with a spritz of fruit juice.

6. Moderate Alcohol Altogether
Along with watching what is in your cup, moderate just how much alcohol you are consuming. As a general rule of thumb, men are advised to no more than two alcohol servings per day, while women are recommended to one. Moderating its intake not only saves on calories, but limits the risk heightened cravings and an unpleasant hangover the next day.

7. Stay Hydrated
Hydrating with water is key to balancing food and alcohol intake. Sipping on water before and during the main course can subside feelings of hunger, while a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage can lessen the risk of overdrinking. Nonetheless, general recommendations encourage at least eight, 8-ounce cups of water on a daily basis.

8. Have Your Cake (And Enjoy It, Too)
Yes, you can have your cake and enjoy it, too! But truly slow down and save the flavor of any dessert. Eat enough to satisfy that sweet tooth and if end up enjoying the entire slice, do not beat yourself up afterwards.

9. Enjoy the Moment
Rather than being stuck in food guilt or anxiety the entire time, enjoy the moment! Weddings are filled with happiness and are ultimately meant to be experienced with a positive outlook. So enjoy what the entire day and night brings, including the tasty food, good company, and dance floor!

10. Own the Day After
Although food may be the last thing on your mind after celebrating your best friend's big day, it is important to own the day after. So rather than going for the hair of the dog, start the day on the right foot with a protein and fiber-packed breakfast, trip to the gym, or at least a morning stroll.