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The Not So Secret Celebrity Diet Secrets

Read how stars like Madonna manage to maintain a healthy diet.

The Not So Secret Celebrity Diet Secrets

So it’s no secret why you’re here at this page, reading this article. You’re looking for the celebrity diet secrets that allows stars such as Madonna, Jessica Alba, and Taylor Lautner to sculpt the bodies that have made them famous.

First things first, celebrity diet secrets aren’t really that secret at all. Most rely on medically proven weight loss and fitness principles that can be accomplished by anyone – not just celebrities.

Madonna’s Timeless Beauty

It’s not something that you see every day – a star that has been around for nearly 30 years and still looks great. So just how does Madonna stay in such great shape, even at 52 years of age?

Madonna’s celebrity diet secrets center on the complementary principles of diet and exercise. Her diet is comprised of lean proteins, such as fish and chicken, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables. In the fruit category, Madonna prefers blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries for their antioxidant properties. There are no process foods allowed.

Along with her diet, Madonna includes a rather rigorous exercise routine comprised of dancing, treadmill sprints, jumping rope, and jumping on a trampoline. She adds crunches and weight training to add tone and definition.

In short, Madonna’s celebrity diet secrets are a proper diet and exercise.

Jessica Alba’s Stunning Body

You don’t come to look like Jessica Alba without a great deal of energy spent. Jessica herself is no exception to this rule. Like Madonna, Jessica’s celebrity diet secrets are centered on a healthy diet and exercise. She does, however, throw in an added twist with an additional focus on portion control.

In Jessica’s case, her celebrity diet secrets aren’t all that much of a secret. She is very public about her diet and exercise regimen. In a typical day, her diet consists of lean meats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low fat cheeses. As mentioned earlier, she also focuses on portion control. This means that the occasional piece of chocolate cake as a special treat is allowed, but in moderation of course.

Jessica’s exercise regimen is comprised of a combination of light weight training at high reps, treadmill running, and crunches.

How Taylor Lautner “Eclipsed” the Rest

By now it should be obvious that most celebrity diet secrets share the same common core – a healthy diet combined with regular exercise. We thought it would be interesting to include a male celebrity to help prove the universality of the concept.

Taylor Lautner has risen to almost immeasurable stardom in what seems like no time at all. However, when you look at his life prior to the Twilight series, it becomes obvious that his stardom was a long time in the making.

Before he ever set foot on a movie set, Taylor was competing on the international level as a mixed martial artist. At one point, he was the best in the world in his weight class. Such a dedication to his sport required an equal dedication to his diet and exercise routines.

In the case of Taylor, his really are celebrity diet secrets. Only he and his trainer know exactly what he eats and how he exercises, but one thing is for sure – it follows the guidelines listed above.

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