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The Jessica Alba Diet: The A-List Approach to a Healthy, Hollywood Figure

The Jessica Alba Diet is a healthy diet, designed to give you a curvy, but thin, movie star figure.

The Jessica Alba Diet: The A-List Approach to a Healthy, Hollywood Figure

It is quite a known fact that Jessica Alba probably has one of the best figures in Hollywood today. Although thin, but still curvy, the A-list actress manages to maintain her perfected physique thanks to her very own Jessica Alba diet.

Known for her action film roles, as well as memorable characters in comedy and drama, Jessica Alba never “acts” like she doesn’t know about good nutrition.

As one of the few actresses in the industry today to choose healthy meals over starvation and supplements, this A-lister knows how to fuel her body in order to maintain her physique and her healthy diet.

As part of her Jessica Alba diet, the actress eats three meals per day, each balanced with lean quality protein, and adequate portions of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

For breakfast, Jessica usually jumps starts her morning with a serving of scrambled eggs, mixed fruit and whole wheat toast. Lunch is usually a lean-protein entrée, like a salmon cranberry salad, while dinner is healthy serving of grilled chicken or pork, accompanied by wild rice with mixed veggies.

Other than her healthy Jessica Alba diet, the actress is also undoubtedly known for her slender, yet curvy, physique. Jessica’s body, however, was not gifted to her by some sort of divine providence. Rather, she works very hard on a daily basis to maintain her well-known figure.

In combination with her healthy diet, Jessica Alba maintains her figure by incorporating exercise into her healthy eating plan—and a whole lot of it!

In conjunction with her Jessica Alba diet, this beauty hits the gym often and hits the weight bench hard!

In a typical workout session, Jessica combines cardiovascular exercise with weight training. Her routine usually includes periods of running on a treadmill, which are then complemented by 3 intense bouts of weight training exercises, usually lasting for a period of about 15 minutes each.

While still maintaining her healthy Jessica Alba diet plan, the actress also includes intense periods of aerobics exercises into her weekly schedule. You can find this A-list actress working out 4-5 days out of the week, for at least a couple of hours each day.

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