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The Britney Spears Workout: Dance Your Way to Toned Muscle

A Britney Spears workout will make you dance, jump, and move in a fun environment. Learn how her movements will help you tone muscle.

The Britney Spears Workout: Dance Your Way to Toned Muscle

As one of the most famous pop icons of our time, Britney Spears has always been in the celebrity fitness spotlight with her slender physique and outrageously toned body.

Working with her own personal trainer, the pop icon created her very own Britney Spears workout that helped her get back into shape after the birth of her two children, and before one of her biggest summer tours.

Before her “Circus” tour launched in the summer of 2009, and after the birth of her two sons, Britney Spears started a rigorous personal training regimen that involved intense bouts of cardiovascular exercise combined with a daily series of strength-training techniques.

Along with these exercises, the typical Britney Spears workout comprised of something that the performer includes in every single one of her live performances: dance.

When it comes to celebrity fitness, dance can be a great way to burn extra calories and to tone muscle. Just like the Britney Spears workout, you can take some of the dance techniques used in some of the singer’s shows, and incorporate them into a routine at home that suits you and your workout goals.

Britney Spears Workout - Dance Techniques that Tone

To perform an effective Britney Spears workout, you can actually take different dance styles from the pop star's live performances, and transform them into something that can work effectively for you.

Britney Spears performs a lot of dance sequences that are inspired by hip-hop movements. This style of dance often involves exaggerated movements, which are great techniques for developing strength, endurance, and flexibility. When it comes to celebrity fitness, these type of dance movements can play a major role when it comes to toning muscles.

According to her official website, Britney Spears got into shape for her 2009 “Circus” tour by working with world-renowned choreographer Jamie King.

While it would certainly be difficult to afford personal sessions with this legendary choreographer, you can pick up his dance DVD called “Rock Your Body.” This celebrity fitness DVD, instructed by King himself, shows you how to mimic some of the same routines that Britney Spears uses in her own personal workouts, live performances, and music videos.

This celebrity fitness routine helps you develop core muscles in your abdominal area, which includes areas such as your belly, waistline, and love handles.

These muscles definitely need to be strengthened if you are going to follow some of the same methods of exercise included in a Britney Spears workout. On average, high intensity dances like the routines performed by Britney Spears can actually help you burn hundreds of calories, in just a 30 minute time frame, per session of activity!

Celebrity Fitness - Feel Good Moves for Your Mood

One great thing about a Britney Spears workout is that the levels of high-intensity dancing can actually help you improve, and sustain a better mood.

A celebrity fitness plan like this pop diva's can actually improve your mental and physical state. Dancing at high intensity for a period of 30 minutes will actually release chemicals from your brain called endorphins that control your mood and behavior. The more endorphins that are released during your workout, the healthier and happier you will feel.

Dancing like Britney Spears may also make you more likely to pay less attention to the time as you are working out. Because of this, you are likely to burn more calories dancing then you would running on a treadmill, or during strength-training techniques.

If dance seems like it would be a better, and more effective celebrity fitness plan for you, then you may want to follow the motto of a Britney Spear’s workout: trade your running shoes, for dancing shoes.