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9 Healthy Lifestyle Habits

From watching portion sizes to strengthening relationships, these nine healthy lifestyle habits can prosper both physical and mental health.

9 Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Healthy Habits List

1. Eat Colors of the Rainbow
Foods colorful and vibrant in nature are the ones mostly offering the most nutrients. Make it a habit of offering at least two colors to meals and snacks, including trying out various methods of preparation. For instance, roast various squashes, blend spinach in a smoothie, and lightly warm up an apple and sprinkle with cinnamon.

2. Watch Portion Sizes
The volume of portions has dramatically increased over decades, and may be a cause of the rising obesity rates. To help keep portions in check without weighing out all foods, use smaller plates, color half the plate with veggies, and split entrees at restaurants when dining out.

3. Practice Mindful Eating
The practice of mindful and intuitive eating can naturally keep portion sizes balanced and cultivate a healthy relationship with food. Pay close attention to hunger and satiety cues to recognize if the desire to eat is based on boredom, cravings, or real hunger. And when consuming meals, recognize sensations you may experience, including the flavor, smell, and thoughts present during the time.

4. Keep Active
Healthy individuals dismiss a sedentary lifestyle and try to remain and keep active as much as possible. Even if a morning workout was completed, strive to stay active by biking to work, walking on lunch breaks, and taking the dog outside. It really does not matter how you choose to keep active, just that you do!

5. Routine Healthcare Screenings
Habits of health can occur daily, monthly, or even annually, including scheduling routine healthcare screenings. Knowing the status of personal health can detect potential concerns or early risk factors, ultimately prompting the opportunity to implement strategies for current and projected care.

6. Sleep
Do not sleep on this good health habit! Adequate sleep is imperative to health, as it can help keep the mind sharp and appetite under control. Make it a habit to be in bed at a consistent time, formulating a bedtime routine to best facilitate regular sleeping patterns. Adults should aim between seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night.

7. Manage Stress
Although stress is a part of day-to-day life, too much may cause physical and mental concerns further down the road. It is important to manage stress in a healthful way, rather than gravitating to harmful behaviors such as alcohol abuse and emotional eating. Good habits of health include stress-relieving techniques such yoga, meditation, and exercise.

8. Maintain and Strengthen Relationships
Relationships with others is imperative for health. To nurture such connections, make it a habit to call a close friend, plan dinner with relatives, and use your work break to walk and talk with a coworker on a regular basis.

9. Laugh
Yes, laugh! Laughing is coined as the best medicine, as it has shown to boost the immune system, promote heart health, burn calories, ease pain, support mental health, and improve quality of life. Increase humor and laughter by smiling more, thinking positive thoughts, watching funny videos, taking life less seriously, and just flat out being silly!