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How to Make Your Health a Priority (for Good!)

We all hear to drink more water, improve eating habits, and make the time to exercise. But how does one create habits that actually stick? Learn how to prioritize health here!

How to Make Your Health a Priority (for Good!)

Ready to talk about time management for a healthy lifestyle? Many people shy away from discussing how to make their health a priority because it makes them aware of the stress and burnout ever-present in their lives. 

However, a "healthy to-do list" may be just what the doctor ordered! Read on for easy ways to make more time for your health, including 10 tips to try today. 

Time Management for a Healthy Lifestyle 

Ask anyone what gets in the way of them living a healthy life, and their answer is likely, "I just don't have the time!"

However true that statement may seem, there's a common phrase that rings all too true: "You can either make time for your health now, or you'll be forced to make time for your health later." In other words, ignoring health habits now can lead to bigger problems down the road. 

Time management is a key skill needed for any healthy lifestyle. Since health is individual, it's important to take time to invest in one's personal health. Part of that process is to identify areas where improvement is needed. 

Ways To Make Time for Wellness

Instead of taking on too many things at once, focus on one thing that can be changed today. Then, as each step is accomplished, a new element of healthy living can be added to one’s routine. 

For example, try one of the following tips that can help to make time for health and wellness. These are simple ways to improve the day. 

1. Unplug and Be Present

Social media is not the only media that can be draining. Between work and other distractions, children and adults spend nearly 8-10 hours a day exposed to media. 

Reducing exposure to media by setting small goals each week can result in a healthier lifestyle. Instead of connecting online, connect more with family and friends in real-time. 

2. Make Meals a Family Affair

Ask the kids to get in on the cooking! Not only are they learning valuable skills, but studies also show that children who have family dinners regularly are more likely to: 

• Have higher intakes of fruits and vegetables
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Have a reduced risk of behavioral problems 
• Avoid drug, cigarette, and alcohol use as an adult

Even just a simple, slow cooker meal can seem small but may have a big impact on the lives of those involved. Sitting down together for every meal might not be feasible, but aiming to share one meal a day together can make a big, long-term difference.

3. Schedule It

Sounds simple, right? Easier said than done. Life can get busy, so blocking out some time for wellness may make health practices part of a regular routine. 

Ultimately, schedule time for activities that promote good health and wellness each day to make them more of a top priority. 

4. Value Movement

Being involved in typical "exercise" for the recommended 30 minutes each day is not the only way to stay active. Movement throughout the day can take many forms! 

For example, try the following for a change in pace: 

• Yardwork 
• Playing tag
• Throwing a frisbee
• Family activity (i.e. bike ride, walk, dance party)
• Interactive video games 
• Outdoor chores
• Gardening 

Overall, ditch sedentary habits - like watching TV - and try to spend time being more active.

5. Write It Down 

A higher quality of life could be just around the corner. Writing a goal down can make it more likely to happen. 

Keeping a written record of your habits over time can also illuminate beliefs, motives, values, and priorities and help to identify areas of improvement. 

6. Create or Craft

Arts and crafts may not sound like a particularly healing experience to some. However, having time to explore creativity is a cornerstone of maintaining a healthy mental state. 

So, in pursuit of wellness, take time to whip up a new recipe, invent a new solution, or enjoy another type of creative endeavor. 

7. Learn to Delegate

Delegation is a strategy that allows another to assume a task that's been taking time from one's schedule. 

Hand over to-do's that someone else could do! This person may actually find joy in an activity that is typically seen as a chore.

8. Set Solid Boundaries

"Boundaries" has been a buzzword as of late, but for a good reason. Setting clear standards for what is and is not allowed in life can allow time for more positive forces to take hold. 

Learn the power of saying no to things that will not serve a greater purpose. 

9. Take Mini Break Times

Burnout is becoming alarmingly common. What was once reserved for physicians and careers in caretaking is now not discriminating. 

Taking mini-breaks, even just 5-10 minutes for a quick snack or stroll, can help the body feel more energized and ready to take on the day.

10. Utilize Health Technology

Modern-day medicine is accompanied by some incredible advancements in technology as well. Most phones and smart watches now come equipped with basic health measurements and reminders. 

Customize technology to send reminders on a schedule, such as reminders to deep breathe, meditate, or take a walk around the block. 

That's a Wrap on Making Time for Wellness

The journey to better health takes time. However, it is time well invested in wellness! 

Even if an individual can only make 5-10 minutes a day available for change, making time for health can be a catalyst for maintaining positive habits. 


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