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Celebrity Diet Secrets Revealed: Written in the Stars, or Doomed to Fail?

Learn tips from Beyonce and Jessica Alba how they keep their health in check.

Celebrity Diet Secrets Revealed: Written in the Stars, or Doomed to Fail?

Let’s face it: when it comes to celebrity diet secrets there isn’t anything most of us wouldn’t do get a taste of the same weight loss success that most celebrities have.

If you are looking at a few celebrity diet secrets, and wondering if they are a good option for you, it may be best to take a look at the specific regimens a certain celebrity is using.

There are many celebrity diet secrets out there that do promote effective weight loss, you just need to make sure that these methods of getting fit are actually healthy.

With the help of one of BistroMD’s leading dietitians, Christy, we are taking a look at the celebrity diet secrets of certain celebrities, and giving you the goods on whether they are good, bad, or just plain wrong.

The Beyonce Diet

Undoubtedly one of the most talented and popular singers on the planet today, Beyonce, has to keep up a physique that is required for the stage and screen.

“Beyonce has turned to many different diets to help her stay in shape, but I wouldn’t recommend any of them for healthy weight loss,” says Christy Shatlock, MS/RD and one of the lead dietitians for BistroMD.

For her role in the film Dream Girls, Beyonce shed 20 pounds in 14 days by turning to the Master Cleanse Diet.

“The Master Cleanse Diet is an unhealthy way to achieve weight loss,” says Christy. “You basically starve your body of essential nutrition by totally eliminating food and by drinking a concoction of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup.”

According to our expert, this diet does promote weight loss, just not in the way you want it to.

“Even if you are dieting, your body will always need an effective balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat,” says Christy. “Celebrity diet secrets like these harm the body because it isn’t getting needed nutrients to sustain sufficient energy. Your body basically feeds off your tissues and muscles for needed energy, instead of getting it from food. You are basically causing your body to feed off itself.”

Beyonce has been quoted as saying that currently she stays in shape by eating six small meals throughout the day. This necessarily isn’t a bad thing, you just need to make sure the meals you are eating are nutritionally adequate.

“If you want to follow Beyonce’s method of eating six small meals throughout the day, you need to make sure that the foods and the snacks you eat are high in protein,” says Christy. “Instead of eating six small meals, however, I think it is always best to stick to eating three properly proportioned meals throughout the day. You can still lose weight and maintain a great shape, if the calories are where they need to be, and if your foods are healthy.”

Overall, you may just want to say “bye-bye” to the Beyonce diet for good.

The Jessica Alba Diet

Jessica Alba is a sensational actress, who is also in sensational shape.

As one of this generation’s most popular actresses, Jessica Alba has been on many diets for many different film roles. All in all, though, her current diet seems to be pretty healthy.

“Out of all the celebrities, Jessica Alba is one of the few actresses I’ve seen that doesn’t deprive her body of healthy and delicious food,” says Christy. “She sets a good example by showing that you can still eat three meals a day, still burn body fat, and still perform a healthy and effective exercise routine that keeps your metabolism in check.”

Jessica Alba’s celebrity diet secret is an effective workout, combined with the nutrition of a healthy, balanced diet with properly proportioned meals.

The actress eats a lower-calorie daily diet, and eats meals that are balanced with lean protein, combined with complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

For breakfast, Alba eats three scrambled eggs with one cup of oatmeal. For lunch she eats a salad with either six ounces of chicken breast, salmon, or tuna. At dinner she eats either sashimi, or a healthy portion of lean beef with a side of mixed vegetables.

“Jessica Alba’s diet is very healthy compared to other celebrity diet secrets,” says Christy. “She doesn’t starve her body, which is essential for effective weight loss, and she also eats foods that help retrain your metabolism to consistently burn fat effectively. She is one of the few celebrities who follows a diet that I would actually recommend to other women who want a more athletic, but thinner build.”

The Audrina Patridge Diet

As one of the biggest reality TV stars today, Audrina Patridge is one of the stars of the MTV show, The Hills, and currently stars in her own reality show on VH1, simply called Audrina.

Also one of the contestants of last year’s season of Dancing with the Stars, Audrina has admitted to being a big fan of the Sunfare Diet.

“Compared to other diets this reality star has followed in the past, her current diet is very healthy and could be very effective for someone who is trying to maintain weight loss,” says Christy.

The reality star eats an omelet with turkey sausage, and for lunch she eats a lean grilled chicken breast with mixed vegetables. For dinner, the star usually prefers grilled salmon with asparagus and a lettuce salad with no dressing. For snacks in between meals, Patridge usually eats either low-fat vanilla yogurt, an apple with natural peanut butter, and carmelized nuts or low-fat string cheese.

“Overall, this star’s celebrity diet secret is pretty healthy,” says Christy. “If you do have a larger build and are trying to lose weight, I would recommend throwing in a few more snacks that are higher in protein, like a protein bar, or cottage cheese with mixed fruit.”

When exploring the world of celebrity diet secrets, it’s important that you do your research and that you make sure that the diet is healthy. There are many celebrity diets that promote rapid weight loss, which are best to avoid.

“The meals developed for BistroMD follow some of the same healthy guidelines that many celebrities try to follow in their diet plans,” says Christy. “Each of our healthy and delicious meals are nutritionally balanced with the appropriate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fat to promote an active metabolism that will help your body burn fat.”

To see how healthy meals delivered to you, courtesy of BistroMD, can help you follow the same regimen of some of the best celebrity diet secrets, join today!