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10 Inexpensive Recipes to Get the Most From a Whole Chicken

Save money, obtain protein gains, and learn the simplicity and value of baking and using a whole chicken here!

Chicken is the most popular protein in the U.S. In fact, more than 93.5 pounds per capita was consumed in 2018!

With such a great intake of chicken, find out how to make the most of that beloved protein source.

Bake the Whole Chicken

Getting the most out of your chicken involves ditching the individual, prepackaged chicken breasts already separated and wrapped, and baking the whole chicken. Unlike popular belief, doing so really is not much of a daunting task that what it may appear.

So do not be a chicken, as baking one is rather simple! Learn how to bake a chicken, feeling free to adjust and modify seasonings to best fit personal preference.

Use All the Meat

After preparing the chicken, get the most out of chicken by using all meat varieties. 

So rather than buying pricey chicken breasts at the store, incorporate both white and dark meat types offered from the whole chicken in a wide variety of recipes, including the 10 described below.

Make a Chicken Stock

After removing the meat off the bones, make a chicken stock

With the assistance of onions, carrots, and other herbs and seasonings, creating a chicken stock can be used in future recipes to flavor soups, rice dishes, and sauces.

Keep the Bones

Even after preparing the stock, keep the bones and store them in the freezer. 

Even though they may be more mild, they still offer flavor and nutrients to chicken stocks to come.

1. Whole Chicken with Roasted Veggies

One of the most alluring ways to serve a whole chicken is by serving it still intact with a bed of roasted veggies. 

To the whole chicken recipe above, add cubed sweet potatoes, onion slices, carrots, and other favorite veggies you and your family enjoy.

2. Chicken Cobb Salad

This chicken cobb salad is described as easy, filling, flavorful, and protein-packed just to name a few... 

And unlike most salad dressings loaded with unhealthy oils and sugars, the greens are dressed with healthy fats such as avocado and extra virgin olive oil. Find other salads featuring the lean protein here.

3. Chicken Tortilla Stew

Throwing assorted types of chicken in soups is a simple way to add protein and bulk, including in bistroMD's chicken tortilla stew recipe

Although the recipe calls for chicken breasts, feel free to swap out with other parts, including shredded chicken legs, wings, or a combination of various sorts.

4. Chicken Feta Meatballs

Filled with feta and parmesan cheese, basil, and fennel, this bistroMD original recipe is sure to please. 

The meatballs can be served as a chicken appetizer, atop light spaghetti squash noodles, or prepared into a hearty meatball sub.

5. Shredded Chicken Tacos

Celebrate Taco Tuesday any day of the week! 

Simply add shredded chicken to taco shells and fill with favorite toppings, including lettuce, tomato, onion, guacamole, corn, and salsa.

6. Chicken Burrito Bowls

Containing budget-friendly rice and beans, this healthy-for-you chicken burrito bowl is sure to keep your wallet full and waistline slim.

7. Chicken Stir-Fry

While most stir-fry recipes tend to supply a large amount of sugar and oil, this healthy chicken alternative features fresh ingredients. 

Along with the mix-ins already included in the recipe, feel free to add bell pepper, edamame, snap peas, and other personal stir-fry favorites!

8. Chicken Pesto Pasta

Transform leftover chicken into a budget-friendly, healthy chicken meal for two! 

Start by boiling two servings of whole wheat noodles (approximately an ounce uncooked). While the noodles are softening, prepare this vibrant green pesto recipe. After the pasta is cooked and drained, add the pesto sauce and leftover shredded chicken, serving with sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese as desired.

9. Thai Chicken Pizza

Thanks to shredded chicken and a number of fresh veggies, this Thai chicken pizza is bursting with protein and nutrients! Find more easy and economical chicken pizza recipes here.

10. Jerk Chicken

Paired with fresh mango salsa, this jerk chicken recipe will transport you to the bright and colorful Caribbean!