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How to Honor National Women's Health and Fitness Day, Week & Month

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day celebrates and encourages women’s health at large. Learn how to celebrate this special day (and for an entire fitness week and month)!

How to Honor National Women's Health and Fitness Day, Week & Month

Officially celebrated the last Wednesday of September, National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is a way to celebrate advances and bring awareness to women’s health issues. Women of all ages do and can get involved with and take steps to improve health and fitness.

Curious how you can honor women’s health during September for National Women’s Health and Fitness Day? Discover how you can participate - whether for a day, week, or whole month - to increase awareness and improve women’s health issues.

Why National Women’s Health and Fitness Day Is so Important

The backbone of a healthy lifestyle can benefit both men and women. However, each sex has unique health needs. 

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day highlights steps women specifically can take to improve health while also celebrating the strides in the advancement of women’s fitness. 

For example, childbirth and fitness have a history of questionable practices and false beliefs. In the past, women were encouraged to work out at home to avoid showing sweat in public environments as well as discouraged from lifting weights. 

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, and the whole month, can be a way to celebrate advances in women’s health while highlighting ways women today can take care of their minds and bodies. 

7 Ways to Celebrate Women's Health Month, Week, and Day

How can you jump on board to raise awareness and participate in women’s health specifically during September? There are many ways to celebrate women’s health for this special day and options for participating in events for the day, week, or whole month.

1. Join Local Health Events

Establishments are already committed to the celebration of Women's Health and Fitness Day. Local organizations include senior centers, hospitals, health departments, colleges, and much more! Do not hesitate to reach out to these groups for more information within your community.

If you cannot find a local event, consider asking local organizations to start an event to honor this day for women.

2. Utilize Media

Facebook and mobile apps such as Meetup and Eventbrite are excellent resources to further identify locations and people participating in Women's Health and Fitness Day.

Go to these events with close friends and family or go unaccompanied to meet new people!

3. Try a New Fitness Workout

Celebrate your health all month long by trying a new exercise class. Fitness deals and coupons are frequently offered via the internet, mobile apps, or in the local paper. 

Search throughout the deals and choose an adventurous activity you normally may not try! For instance, break out of your comfort zone and try a spinning class or hot yoga session!

4. Meet with Girlfriends

Meet your close girlfriends for a couple of hours or make it a full day's event! Gather for morning coffee and cultivate meaningful, stimulating conversation. After coffee, go for a walk or hike and pack a nutritious picnic lunch. Discuss and encourage health goals to focus on for the month (or year). 

Prepare dinner together or go to the new local restaurant and try new foods! End the day with a relaxing yoga session. Regardless of the activity chosen, disconnect from mobile devices and live in the moment!

5. Make Female Family Time

Make a family girls' day anytime during September women’s month. Getting the younger generation exposed to a healthy lifestyle is valuable not only for their growth but instills healthy choices and decisions they can make for a lifetime. 

Go to the park, prepare a nutritious meal, or do any sort of activity that promotes health. Getting grandmothers involved is an additional way to include all generations!

6. Go Solo

Whether on National Women’s Health and Fitness Day or some other day in September, make time for yourself - it is certainly okay to enjoy a little "you" time. Since mental health is just as important as physical health, use this time to decompress and reflect on personal goals. 

Go to your "happy place" by reading your favorite book, meditating, running to your favorite music or your own thoughts, or simply taking a warm bath.

7. Schedule Your Check-Ups

Make this special focus on women’s health month an opportune time to schedule necessary checkups that can easily get pushed to the side. Schedule a check-up with your doctor, blood work, a mammogram, colonoscopy, or any other pertinent medical appointments.

Women’s Health Month In Summary

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day was established to highlight the gains in women’s health throughout the years but also to raise awareness of health issues for women today.

This special day is the last Wednesday of September, but activities and celebrations can occur all month or week long. Join local establishments to participate in any women-focused events in September to celebrate, or simply get together with women close to you for your own healthy celebrations.

Women’s month can also be a great time to focus on your own health add in a fun, new fitness class, and schedule any pertinent health check-up appointments with your medical team.


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