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Erectile Dysfunction Advice

ED is an issue facing many men, and here are a few tips to help you regain your confidence.

Erectile Dysfunction Advice

A two-year study examined obese men with ED who were otherwise healthy. Half were supervised in individualized weight-loss treatment, and were educated about diet, fitness, and sexual function.

The other half - -the control group -- were given general information about exercise and healthy dietary choices.

All of the men in the supervised group experienced some health or sexual function improvements after a weight loss of just 10 percent, and erectile dysfunction was completely alleviated for one out of three. But there was no change in weight or sexual function for the control group, indicating that professional support seems to make all the difference.

We already know that overweight men who initiate weight loss in mid-life have 70 percent less risk of erectile dysfunction than those who remain sedentary.

The point: If you're overweight and have problems with ED, tell your doctor. The problem is not likely to subside on its own, and your doctor can provide you the tools you need to overcome ED. The added weight loss won't hurt either.