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9 Ways to Fight Your Fear of the Scale and Still Lose Weight

Although scales can be a valuable, objective measurement, obsessing over scale numbers and normal day-to-day fluctuations can be mentally destructive. Say goodbye to the scale and see these ways to measure & track weight loss without a scale!


Generally, individuals use a scale to measure pounds lost. Although scales can be a valuable, objective measurement, obsessing over scale numbers and normal day-to-day fluctuations may be mentally destructive. Say goodbye to the scale and hello to progress!

9 Ways to Track and Measure Weight Loss

1. Before and After Pictures
Those "before" pictures may be dreadful at the start of your journey. However, they can be so valuable in tracking all the progress you have made. Wear as little as comfortable with and snap pictures from several angles, staying consistent where the pictures are taken. Noticing changes may take time, so take pictures every week or two and do not get caught up in wanting to take pictures within a very short timeframe.

2. Mirrors
A full-length mirror is an instant validation on body shape. Visualizing yourself can allow you to witness a change in physique and definition in muscles. In the process, try to not obsess over self-distorted flaws and images. Stick positive notes on the mirror that will be encouraging and motivating to read each day.

3. Ask Someone
And not just anyone. Ask someone you fully trust for an honest critique. You generally are your toughest critic and others may notice and praise your efforts during bouts of self uncertainties and doubts. Loved ones always have your best interest in my mind so be appreciative and humbled of their honesty.

4. Mood
Although feelings are subjective measurements, let mood improvements be a motivator! When it comes to weight loss speed bumps, try to not let bad feelings lead to further set backs. Everyone has bad days so redirect frustrations into a positive outcome and keep up the hard work!

5. Clothes
Weight loss can be tracked by how your clothes fit. Pants a little less tight? Way to go! As weight comes off, let clothes be a further inspiration. Want to lose an additional five pounds? Reward yourself with a new summer dress, swimsuit, or shirt to show off that new physique.

6. Monitor Blood Pressure
Although blood pressure has multiple risk factors, weight is one of them. With excess weight, the body generally must increase its effort to push blood throughout the body. When weight is lost, blood is able to travel into and away from the heart with less effort, thus reducing blood pressure.

7. Tape Measures
A measuring tape is a cheap, objective way to measure yourself. Notable circumferences to measure around include arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. Are the numbers decreasing in your tracking log? Then there is progress! If weight training is implemented, body parts such as arms, thighs, and calves might be increased. Congrats! You are getting stronger and increasing lean body mass.

8. Body Fat and Skinfold Calipers
Calipers objectively measure body fat, not just body weight that can easily fluctuate throughout the day. Although they take time and practice to master, their use can be extremely valuable at a low price cost. Use this complete guide to body fat calipers.

9. The Scale
Okay, so the scale may actually be a valued measurement to track weight loss. It is important to recognize scales assess all weights - body weight and fat mass. If using the scale, stay consistent on weighing times. Try to not become discouraged on daily body weight fluctuations that arise following bathroom patterns and food and beverage intakes.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on June 22, 2016. Updated on July 21, 2016.


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