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Eliminating Food Groups For Weight Loss and Why It's Not Sustainable

In theory, it seems to make sense cutting out entire food groups, like carbs, would further cut out calories and lead to weight loss. And though the practice of cut out food groups could shed off unwanted pounds, is it really the most healthful route? bistroMD suggests "no" and here is why!


In theory, it seems to make sense cutting out entire food groups would further cut out calories, ultimately leading to weight loss. And though the practice of cut out food groups certainly could shed off unwanted pounds, is it really the most healthful route? BistroMD suggests "no" and here is why!

Cutting Out Entire Food Groups

Though quite suggestive, think of your body like a car. If the oil needs changed, you would not fill the oil tank with gasoline, as such mismatches cause faults and hither a high-functioning and efficient car. Though it seems quite logical to only use oil when oil is needed, why allow one or a few select food groups fuel the body? Cutting out entire food groups can deprive the body of essential nutrients it yearns for. Additionally, carbohydrates or fats tend to get cut first. While cutting out large food groups can dramatically cut calories and lead to weight loss, weight tends to return once such foods are reincorporated back into the diet. Yet if such products are a long-term cut, related deficiencies are at risk and may compromise health.

Food Groups and their Matching Roles

According to the United States Department of Agriculture's Choose My Plate, you should be making healthy food and beverage choices from the following food groups:

Grains are exceptionally valuable for its fiber and B vitamin content. Without each, digestive health and efficient energy use may be compromised.

Like grains, fruits also contain high amounts of fiber. The vibrancy and color of fruits offer powerful antioxidants that protect the body against damage.

Veggies are especially a "yes!" when answering the question, "Is cutting out carbs bad for you?" Also along with grains and fruits, veggies are considered a carbohydrate source and supply the body with fiber and rich vitamins and minerals.

Proteins is a flexible word, especially in the context of animal meats and plant-based sources. But despite the source, choosing lean proteins offers the body with sustained or growing muscle mass to keep the body strong. Such protein products further play a role in skin formation and wound healing.

Milk and dairy products are valuable as they are generally a well-rounded food group, offering carbohydrate, protein, and sometimes fat. It is important, though, to divvy away from dairy products that contain added sugars. When naturally or minimally-processed, well-balanced macronutrients and the high calcium and vitamin D content (when fortified) make dairy products exceptionally beneficial.

Making the Cut

If aiming to lose weight (or even maximizing health), reducing the intake of processed, refined products should take the biggest cut. Increasing the intake of nutritious foods will naturally eliminate a spot in the diet for foods that essentially offer nothing more than calories - think pastries, cookies, sodas, etc. But when it truly comes down to it, allow all foods to make the cut! Embracing a well-balanced diet naturally fills in the nutritional holes and runs a high-functioning human machine. Additionally, depriving yourself of what you truly desire or want can create binges or overeating on such foods later down the road. And as an end statement, remember weight does not always dictate health! Supply the body with nutrient-rich foods to keep it driving down a healthy journey called life!

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on April 17, 2017. Updated on September 28, 2019.


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