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The Long Overdue Makeover for Your Fridge

Does your fridge need a makeover? No, we're not talking about the outside. We’re talking about the inside – its contents. Chances are, it probably does.

The Long Overdue Makeover for Your Fridge

Dieting to achieve a weight loss makeover? Ideally, a balanced diet and increased exercise will help shed those unwanted pounds. Additionally, cleaning out and organizing your fridge can aid in easier health choices. The ultimate weight loss transformation starts in the kitchen, literally, with a fridge makeover.

Out with the Old

Kick off the makeover process by clearing and creating a clean slate. Unfortunately, individuals like to use the cleaning out period as a last opportunity to consume all of the "unhealthy" foods. "I need to eat and get rid of all of this ice cream and cookie dough so I won't eat it later on!" It is essential to drop that notion and ice cream spoon just as quickly as that thought flooded the mind. Bingeing on all of those foods can ultimately just be a setback and prolong the health journey. However, although chips and frozen pizzas are not ideal on a health or weight loss journey, denying yourself of those foods could lead to a binge further on. Conversely, if they are too much of a trigger or obstacle, getting rid of them completely would be the best precaution.

In with the New

Once the fridge has been cleared and revived, it's time to add some color into this long, overdue makeover. It's important to remember that filling the fridge with nutritious foods does not have to be an expensive task. Utilize the store's ads and sales to save some serious money. Fill the fridge with more fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products. One of the healthiest, easiest add-ins is bottled water. Getting rid of all those sugary drinks and replacing with water (even from the tap or faucet) will start saving money and a remarkable amount of calories and sugar.

How to Get and Stay Organized

For some, the fridge can be a messy compilation. Although it is admirable more fresh fruits and vegetables have been added, taking a few more minutes for organization can ultimately facilitate easier health choices. When unloading groceries, be sure to rotate the older items towards the front so they don't get overlooked and buried by newer food. The food rotation can prevent wasting foods due to expiration and spoilage. Get extra organized by planning the week out with meals. For Taco Tuesday, it would be best to have the taco meat in the front of the fridge instead of behind the fish needed for Friday. In addition to meal prep, take some time to cut up fresh veggies. Store sliced peppers in individual snack bags for convenience. A time crunch will not have you resorting to the chip bag if fresh cut vegetables are also right at your fingertips.

All makeovers are refreshing in the beginning, but it is important to keep up with it. The newness can start to fade and poor choices can start to surface again. Fortunately, prolonged upkeep of a healthy, rejuvenated refrigerator will keep the transformation lasting and the body nourished.

Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on March 11, 2016. Updated on April 04, 2016.


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