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Top 16 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers

With ups, downs, and everything in between, everyone has their own health and weight loss journey. Mostly based on personal experiences and testimonials, these weight loss blogs are nothing short inspiring.

Top 16 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers

With ups, downs, and everything in between, everyone has their own health and weight loss journey. Some choose to keep details private, while others open up about their physical and emotional transformations.

While you might laugh and while you might cry, one thing is for sure: You will gain serious inspiration for losing weight with these blogs on weight loss!

The Most Inspirational Blogs about Weight Loss

1. Andie Mitchell

After losing 135 pounds, Andie Mitchell maintains health and shares self-tips with delicious recipes, all compiled into an eye-appealing weight loss blog.

The crafted words in her New York Times bestseller "It Was Me All Along" are also inspiring, as the full description details "A heartbreakingly honest, endearing memoir of incredible weight loss by a young food blogger who battles body image issues and overcomes food addiction to find self-acceptance."

Andie's latest venture "Eating in the Middle: A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook" features 80 recipes that reflects her motto: Balancing health and happiness.

2. Authentically Emmie

Authentically Emmie started out as Skinny Emmie, or essentially the type of "how I lost weight" blog. While she has lost 110 pounds, she is now focused on gaining life and on living a healthy lifestyle with the body she now has.

Emmie's blog stands out for a number of reasons: One, her witty sense of humor is bound to entice and two, you will notice her love of fashion and social media. But underneath, Emmie is a devoted, hard-working blogger taking one day at a time to reach her own personal "healthy weight."

3. Carrots 'N' Cake

Wanting to "shape up" for her wedding day, but desiring a true lifestyle change, Tina began a newfound journey. After using a binder of recipes and workouts, she wanted a better way to keep organized.

Thus, emerged Carrots 'N' Cake!

In what initially began as an accountability hotspot, resulted into an online resource to share simple, yet effective and efficient workouts and recipes with her readers. (All with approval to enjoy delicious and fun foods – such as cake – with the practice of moderation!)

Tina also offers nutrition plans and meal subscriptions, along with recommendations related to beauty and travel.

4. Comeback Momma

Comeback Momma is not only a weight loss journey blog, but inspiration for "women to constantly strive to find the best within themselves."

Losing over 50 post-baby pounds and rebounding from postpartum depression twice, Jenn shares what helps her be the best women, wife, and mother she can be. Jenn and Chrissy, contributor of Comeback Momma, focus content on all things health, fitness, family, entertainment, food, travel, and beauty.

5. Diane Carbonell 

Following a 158-pound weight loss and keeping the weight off for over 16 years, Diane has become a radical expert in the field of weight loss and maintenance.

Author of the book "150 Pounds Gone Forever," Diane likewise takes to her online blog to share tips for balancing health and family. She also has a second book in the works and teaches her own weight loss class "Fit to the Finish."

Diane's writing has been featured on multiple media outlets, including Shape magazine, Woman's World magazines, and truly has others advocating Diane as an inspiration for weight loss!

6. Fit2Fat2Fit

Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit grew his audience once deciding to gain 60 pounds of fat over a 6-month course.


Being athletic to becoming classified as obese, Drew wanted to deepen his understandings of the people he worked with. What's more, he grew his knowledge of behavior change and the power of a strong mindset.

After eating right, working out, and getting back into the shape he was in before, Fit2Fat2Fit emerged and helps inspire and transform the lives of thousands.

7. The Fitnessista

Gina began "The Fitnessista" after losing 40 pounds and being in maintenance mode. Credentialed as a certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor, Gina offers postpartum fitness plans and fit guide workouts that encompass a wide variety of exercises.

Gina's book "HIIT IT!" aims to max fitness while minimizing the most valuable commodity: Time. The Fitnessista is also busy podcasting "Healthy in Real Life," in which she shares expert interviews and tips to implement right now.

She also shares a number of recipes and her journey of being a wife and mother of two.

8. Meals and Miles

Being active at a young age, Meghann thought she could eat whatever she wanted and not reap the consequences. But after finding herself deleting pictures of herself when noticing changes, she took charge of her life and changed it for her better.

On her social platform she offers recipes, weight lifting tips, and other pieces of advice. Viewers will also be inspired by her journey to and completion of the Ironman!

9. No Thanks to Cake

Blogger Kelly began her weight loss journey in 2010, the year she started to document her journey. Since then, she displaced the focus off weight loss and geared it towards a healthy lifestyle and cooking blog.

No Thanks to Cake features delicious recipes, healthy living adventurous, and travel stories that will ignite your motivation not only for weight loss, but for living your best life!

10. Preppy Runner 

Theodora's love of social media has provided readers a blog-filled with running inspiration and living a healthy lifestyle in the New York City. Besides, she lost 50 pounds and gained a love for healthy food, exercise and herself.

But along the way of her fitness journey, she admits she has struggled with grief, mental health issues and gaining some of the weight back. However, she is always honest and real, which makes her immensely relatable!

11. Prevention RD 

Not all losing weight blogs are created by Registered Dietitians (RDs). But Nicole not only functions as only coordinator and manager of an out-patient diabetes education department, but as a home cooker, blogger, and wife who reveals her own weight loss journey.

The Prevention RD promotes health through her online recipes and personal cookbook Prevention RD's Everyday Healthy Cooking.

12. Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth 

"Hopping" through the avenues of a weight loss journey, Catherine opens up about her own personal struggles. Though the initial documentation of weight loss tips were for the views of friends and family, the "26-year old health nut, sometimes-exercise-avoider" has grown to be a social media empire.

Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth is "filled with healthy recipes, workout tips, inspiration, fun fitness fashion, and fitness DIY projects to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals of a healthy life!"

13. Run Eat Repeat

Monica stepped the starting line of Run Eat Repeat to document training for her first marathon and as a diet log. But after her first marathon and swearing she would never do it again, Monica has completed over 50 half marathons and 30 full marathons and lost 20 pounds!

The avid runner wants to help others also fall in love with the sport by sharing personal experiences, training plans, and recommended running gear. Monica also shares words of wisdom and tips through her own personal podcast featuring guest speakers.

14. Runs for Cookies

Being overweight all her life, Katie accomplished weight loss through diet and exercise. Continuing to satisfy her sweet tooth, Katie became a runner along the way and does her best to maintain her weight.

In addition to her own weight loss and mental illness story, Katie shares pictures and experiences of others' journeys that are sure to elevate inspiration.

15. That's What She Eats

Bariatric surgery patient Aubrey has lost over 150 pounds and is "dedicated to showing the clean side to 'food addiction.' " Besides, she is a personal chef serving up some mouthwatering recipes with a nutritious flare!

From chopped cabbage slaw to banana bread batter protein cups, your mouth will be watering out the sight of the food pics and recipes! Aubrey shares her personal life and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.

16. The World According to Eggface

Claiming to be "the chubby girl for all long as I can remember," Michelle "Shelly," narrates her life post-bariatric surgery. She reveals just how losing 158 pounds resolved all health issues.

Shelly is passionate about and active in the Obesity Action Coalition, in which she currently serves on the National Board of Directors. What’s more, she carries on her healthy lifestyle and shares it with her following, including recipes and menus, tips, product reviews, and ramblings about her life post-weight loss surgery.