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What should I know before I order?

Getting started on bistroMD is very easy, but here are 5 things to know before you start your journey.

1. Once you sign up for your plan, you’ll get a weekly delivery of nutritionally balanced meals unless you choose to skip a week or cancel your subscription.

2. We do the hard work for you. BistroMD builds a menu for you weekly and ships them all to your door every week. You have complete control though, as we welcome you to select your own meals, and set meal preferences in advance.

3. Skipping a week at any time can be done with one click of a button. Leaving for vacation or work trips? No problem!

4. You will get a custom deadline to make changes to your next week’s menu. Since we prepare meals fresh every week, we need time to get your food ready. This deadline gives us enough time to prepare your delivery and get it ready to ship for the next week.

5. Nutritional balance is a very important part of our program. To help aid you on the weight loss journey, we rebuild your menu weekly with your preferences in mind. Knowing all the nutrients you need can be hard. So, we take care of that for you, but always leave the option to fully customize your menu available to you.


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