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Healthy Eating

Here you will find tons of information about healthy eating and incorporating the principles of healthy nutrition into your daily life. Built around Dr. Cederquist’s nutritional foundation for healthy weight loss, these articles place a wealth of information right at your fingertips.

The 6 Different Types of Sugar & What’s the Healthiest

The word “sugar” is loosely thrown around in this general, sugar-loving society. But simply suggesting sugar is much more complex than averagely realized. So what are the different forms of sugar and is there such thing as a “healthy sugar?” BistroMD is sifting through six types of sugar!

The 6 Different Types of Sugar & What’s the Healthiest

Types of Sugar

1. Granulated sugar
granulated sugar is the sugar you more than likely recognize as the common “white” or “table” sugar. further known as the “everyday” sugar, granulated sugar is vastly used in commercial products and recipes. it is almost completely sucrose, a natural sugar occurring in sugar cane, and processed down to a salt-like texture.

2. Caster sugar
similar to granulated sugar, caster sugar shares the same composition yet with a much finer texture. being small in size, caster sugar dissolve quickly, making it best for baking into dessert products.

3. Confectioners’ sugar
also known as powdered sugar or icing sugar, confectioners’ sugar is an extremely fine sugar. among all sugars, it is the finest and smallest in size. confectioners’ sugar is easily dissolved into toppings (such as icing, hence “icing sugar”) and fillings. the finely ground sugar is typically mixed with cornstarch to prevent clumping when stored.

4. Brown sugar
brown sugar is essentially white sugar with molasses, a sugar by-product that has been boiled down into a thick, dark syrup. though it comes in both refined and unrefined forms, both display the properties the molasses provides – a moist texture and rich taste. brown sugar is mostly used in conjunction with granulated sugar in standard baking recipes such as chocolate chip cookies.

5. Cane sugar
the identification of cane sugar is suggestive to its origin, sucrose extracted from sugarcane. sugarcane is a tropical plant naturally containing a highly-concentrated, sweet substance. though reasonably similar to granulated sugar, many desire the sweetness of cane sugar over common table sugar.

6. Fruit sugar
while less commonly used in the food supply, fruit sugar (also known as fructose) resembles common table sugar. naturally-occurring fructose originates in fruits but more commonly, the natural fructose is chemically combined with glucose to form sucrose or high fructose corn syrup (hfcs), where most of the concern of fructose stems from. while fruits are known to be rich in nutrients and fiber, hfcs intake continues to rise and fill products such as soft drinks.

What Is the Healthiest Sugar?

Considering the overwhelming intake of sugar the general American population consumes, tying the word “healthy” to “sugar” is not a simple task. So when it comes down to deciphering the healthiest sugar, the typical consensus is this: Sugar is sugar. Despite differences in flavor, appearance, and texture, one teaspoon of any sugar generally offers 16 calories. For that reason, all sugars should be consumed in moderation – the American Heart Association recommends no more than nine teaspoons (or 36 grams) of added sugars for men each day while women should not exceed six teaspoons (or 25 grams). And with the average American consuming almost 20 grams of sugar each day and the consequences that may follow with high intake, the concept of sugar control is stressed now more than over!

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Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on September 28, 2017. Updated on May 13, 2019.


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