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Bagels vs. English Muffins: Nutrition & Health Facts to Know

Bagels vs. English Muffins: Nutrition & Health Facts to Know

By now, we all know the health benefits of eating whole wheat instead of white. The next question is bagel or English muffin? The classic bagel seems to be a staple in many Americans diets. However, the English muffin is beloved by Eggs Benedict fans and many others across the nation. Which should you throw in the toaster at breakfast time? Well, that depends on how you plan to top it when it pops.

Whole wheat bagels and whole wheat English muffins offer pretty much the same nutritional facts. But it’s important to remember that half of a bagel is the same serving as an entire English muffin. If you can’t eat just half, you’d be better off resisting the temptation and opting for the English muffin instead.

Half of a bagel still packs about 40 more calories than an entire English muffin but it also provides more fiber and protein, which will make you feel fuller longer.

In that aspect, bagels and English muffins almost tie for first place. Where things go sour is when spreads get involved. If you are a bagel person, be sure to use non-fat cream cheese or reduced-fat cream cheese, as these can save you a whole bagel’s worth of fat and calories.

In the same way, reduced-fat peanut butter is a better choice than regular peanut butter for English muffin fans. Almond butter is another great alternative to traditional peanut butter, which can be very dense in fat.

Lesson learned? You have options.

Enjoy half of a whole wheat bagel with reduced-fat cream cheese OR an English muffin with reduced-fat peanut butter.

Whatever you do, don’t confuse regular muffins with their English cousins. That would turn into the battle of you vs. the button on your jeans.

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