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The 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps

Apps have taken the guesswork out of calorie counting and made the task much easier. So if ready to take matters in the palm of your hands, utilize and experience the best calorie counter apps and trackers!


Though calorie counting should not be the only method to guide health, its use certainly allows for some sort of direction. It also heightens awareness of foods not only chosen to eat, but just how much comprises the diet.

And with handheld technology continuing on the up and up, apps have taken the guesswork out of calorie counting and has made the task much easier. So if ready to take matters in the palm of your hands, utilize and experience the best calorie counter apps and trackers!

The 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps

1. MyFitnessPal

Powered by Under Armour, it is not surprising the MyFitnessPal app has become one of the most popular and utilized app for calorie counting. Besides, it has been named the #1 Health and Fitness app for four years straight.

Behind its easy navigation surface, lies an extensive nutrition database featuring over six million foods. The app also simplifies logging food by offering a barcode scanner and the option to save meals and recipes.

MyFitnessPal connects users to friends and the World's Largest Fitness Community for advice, tips, and around the clock support to help you reach your goals.

Even going beyond a food calorie calculator app, MyFitnessPal allows users to choose from over 350 exercises or log customized workouts. Workouts can correspondingly be synced with other favorite apps and devices.

One suggested downfall, though, is the app some of the food data is entered by other uses, which may make risk under or overestimating overall calories.

2. Lose It!

The simple calorie counter is praised for its detailed food information, while the full food database and barcode scanner makes it easy to log into a personal food diary.

The app also prides itself on easy-to-get-started regimen: "Enter your profile details and goal weight, and we'll calculate your daily calorie budget. Next, just track your food, weight, and activity and get ready to rock your goals!"

Users also have the ability to dial in on nutrients needs by setting custom goals for macronutrients, water, and body measurements. Weight loss is made fun by challenging friendly competition amongst friends and an online community.

For those interested, LoseIt! has recently introduced embodyDNA, a program that identifies genetic data and coordinates traits with personalized, DNA-based insights and weight loss recommendations.

3. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Built by LIVESTRONG.COM, the simple design of counting calories with MyPlate Calorie Tracker is valued and easy to use. Others appreciate the easiness of adding foods, whether it be from a lengthy database or via food barcode.

One of the newest features of MyPlate Calorie Tracker is its free library of recipes, which serves up healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner options. Each recipe was created by a Registered Dietitian and are recommended based on personal calorie expenditure and dietary preferences.

The app also offers nutrient breakdowns, 30-minute high intensity workouts, meal plans, support, and the ability to export and print data reports.

4. Argus by Azumio™

Argus is a creation of Azumio™, a leader in health and fitness apps is "dedicated to the improvement of people's health and livelihood by influencing healthy behavior through the use of innovative mobile applications."

The Argus platform provides activity and diet tracking along with a social network focused on health and fitness. It ultimately allows users to track all activities (calories, weight, steps, walks, runs, sleep, heart rate) within one seamless application.

The Calorie Mama Instant Food Recognition app is able to calculate nutrition facts in the absence of a barcode, but rather with a quick snap of a food photo.

One noted downfall is the need to keep the phone on hand to track activity level, which ultimately can run down battery life fairly quickly.

5. CRON-O-Meter

Users of CRON-O-Meter consistently value the whole-food database that tracks over 60+ micronutrients. The app supports specialized diets, including ketogenic, paleo, and vegan options.

CRON-O-Meter also makes it easy to log food thanks to its built-in barcode reader. Users can quickly edit and tweak recipes within the calories counter app.

The app is useful for tracking weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage, and other health parameters and. It can also sync nutrition data and activity with the Apple Health App.

6. SpeakPeople Calorie Counter

SparkPeople offers a huge nutrition list and calorie database online and via mobile app. The food diary is suggested to be swift, with easy-to-add recipes and a convenient barcode.

SparkPeople is equipped to customize meal plans and track fitness. Users can also obtain exercise demos performed by licensed trainers, while a vast library of health and fitness articles is readily available.

Whereas SparkPeople offers calorie counting, the app mostly touts itself as a community. What's more, those who use SparkPeople are connected to others with shared goals and values.

How to Choose an App for Calorie Counting

Though the apps are all calorie trackers, each use their own unique twists, perks, and limitations.

So when choosing an app, think about what features you desire: Do you wish for exercise regimens? If so, downloading the MyPlate Calorie Tracker may be your golden ticket to intense workouts. Do you own a fitness tracking device? Syncing it to MyFitnessPal may be a convenient opportunity to track activity right at your fingertips.

One great thing about all the apps is the fact they are generally free or low in price (So literally, feel free to download and play around with the apps!), unless desiring a premium subscription with advanced features. 

For instance, prospective users of MyFitnessPal will have to fork out $9.99 monthly for macro-counting sported on a customizable nutrient dashboard and access to dietitian-approved recipes.

But mostly importantly, do not let tracking calories totally take over. Calories do play a role in weight loss, yet there are additional factors to consider. Ultimately, place the overall focus on embracing a total lifestyle filled with good nutrition choices, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and stress-relief.

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