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The 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps

Though calorie counting should not be the only way to guide health, its use certainly allows for some sort of direction. And with technology on the rise, simple calorie counters have made the task that much easier! Utilize and experience these calorie counter apps and trackers!

The 6 Best Calorie Counter Apps

1. MyFitnessPal

It is not surprising the MyFitnessPal app has become one of the most popular and utilized calorie trackers. Beyond the easy navigation surface, lies an extensive nutrition database (with over five million foods!), recipes, a barcode scanner, and a simple pie chart breakdown of macronutrients. You can further add goals and interact with friends, ultimately keeping you accountable! One suggested downfall, though, is a hard judgment in determining serving sizes, ultimately under or overestimating on calories.

2. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Built from LIVESTRONG.COM, users value the simple design of counting calories with MyPlate Calorie Tracker. Others appreciate the easiness of adding foods, whether it be from a lengthy database or via food barcode. The app also offers nutrient breakdowns, 30-minute high intensity workouts, meal plans, support, and the ability to export and print data reports.

3. Argus

With a five-star rating in the iTunes store, people rave about this diverse mobile app. It is also much more than a simple calorie counter, as it also tracks heartbeats, sleep cycles, and movements and activity. The only consistent disadvantage is the need to keep the phone on hand to track activity level and ultimately running down battery life.

4. Cron-O-Meter

In addition to tracking your diet, Cron-O-Meter further allows you to footprint exercises and weight changes. The app also offers various diets including low-fat, low-carb, and vegetarian along with a program option for pregnant and lactating women. But if looking divided meals from the food diary of a social community, Cron-O-Meter may not be the best fit.

5. SpeakPeople Calorie Counter

SparkPeople is mostly renowned for its high community volume; offering recipes, health news, exercises, support from health experts, and other notable resources. The food diary is suggested to be swift, with easily to add recipes and a convenient barcode. Though it may be overwhelming to its new uses, the interface is fairly simple to navigate.

6. Lose It!

The simple calorie counter is praised for its detailed food information. The comprehensive food database and barcode scanner makes it easy to log into your personal food diary. Though the database is stocked with foods from popular restaurants and brand names, it may be hard to navigate and log home-cooked meals.

Choosing an App

Though the apps are all calorie trackers, each use their own unique twists, perks, and limitations. When choosing an app, think about what features you desire. For instance, do you wish for exercise regimens? If so, downloading the MyPlate Calorie Tracker may be your golden ticket to intense workouts. Do you own a fitness tracking device? Syncing it to MyFitnessPal may be a convenient opportunity to track activity right at your fingertips.

One great thing about the apps is the fact they are generally free or low in price, unless desiring a premium subscription with complimentary features. So literally, feel free to download and play around with the apps! And importantly, do not let tracking calories take over, as it can actually be detrimental to both physical and mental health. Though calories do play a role in weight loss, further fixate on a total lifestyle filled with good nutrition choices along with exercise, sleep, and stress-relief.

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