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Prepackaged Meals for Weight Loss: How Do You Choose?

Do prepackaged weight loss meals exist? Absolutely! Learn what to look for and a viable solution here!

Prepackaged Meals for Weight Loss: How Do You Choose?

Wondering about prepackaged meals for weight loss? First, know not all prepackaged diet foods are “bad” for you!

Knowing what a smart choice is when it comes to prepackaged foods can help you create a balanced diet and support weight loss. Ahead, find detailed information you need to know about prepackaged weight loss meals.

Are Frozen Meals Good for Weight Loss?

Prepackaged foods can be a nutritious option for a meal or snack. You already know many of the benefits of prepackaged food, including saving time and effort. But can they help with weight loss? 

Learning how to read labels and identify nutrient-rich ingredients can help you make healthy decisions when it comes to prepackaged meals. It can also allow you to maintain a well-balanced diet without too much forethought. 

How to Choose Prepackaged Diet Food for Each Meal

In general, a prepackaged meal should be between 300 to 500 calories. Additionally, search for meals with high-quality ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible. This can help ensure that your meal is adequate in terms of energy and nutrient content. 

Other tips for choosing prepackaged food and balanced meals include:

• Look for meals that include frozen vegetables, grains, and beans. 

• Find quick, high-fiber meals by identifying meals with grains and veggies that contribute to around 20 grams of protein. 

• If you’re looking for pasta, find options with added vegetables or whole grains. 


• Prepackaged breakfast meals with eggs can be a source of quick and easy protein (and also affordable).

• Another healthy option for breakfast is poultry-based sausage and chicken or turkey-based sausages. 

• Whole grain toaster waffles are quick and delicious and can provide fiber to keep you feeling full. 

• Pay particular attention to protein, fiber, and healthy fats to keep you feeling full throughout the morning. 


• Ready-made salad mixes or kits offer a quick, midday solution for lunch. Since the ingredients often come packaged individually, you can customize your salad or leave out higher calorie or higher fat ingredients as needed. 

• Remember that ordering out can be healthy when you know how to make smart food choices. When eating out, it’s okay to enjoy prepackaged foods. Just consider how it is prepared, if it is made in-house, etc. 


• Make sure to limit saturated fats and avoid trans fats at all costs. Try to keep sodium below 600 mg. 

• Frozen and canned produce (i.e. fruits and vegetables), as well as canned beans, can be convenient and affordable for your evening meal. 

BistroMD: Prepackaged Meals for Weight Loss

BistroMD’s extensive menu is an excellent solution if you’re looking for prepackaged meals! What sets bistroMD apart is that it is a doctor-designed plan with weight loss in mind. A team of registered dietitians will also support you every step of the way!

BistroMD’s delicious, prepackaged meals for weight loss are also anything but bland and boring! With all nutritious meals bursting with flavor, creating healthy eating habits and sustaining weight loss will seem effortless.

If you choose another meal service, be sure it checks the following boxes (or takes into account these considerations): 

• Affordable
• Environmental impact
• Low-sodium
• Nutrient-rich ingredients
• Portion sizes
• Quality
• Simplicity
• Variety 

A balanced weight loss program that includes packaged diet food can be part of a healthy diet. Sustainable habits, like making a healthy prepackaged meal plan part of your routine, can support your weight loss journey. 

The Final Word On Finding Healthy Prepackaged Meals

Prepackaged meals aren’t automatically “unhealthy” and can actually be a crucial part of sustaining a healthy diet. To support weight loss, learn how to read the label and understand how to find healthy ingredients.


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