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Seasonal Diet Tips

Explore our expert knowledge on topics such as healthy eating during the holidays, and how to live into a happier and healthier you in the New Year. Discover tips and tricks on how to avoid weight gain at holiday parties and while on vacation.

Tips for a Healthy December

Tips for a Healthy December

In the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle, it can be very easy to neglect your health. When you are trying to get all of the shopping done and trying to find all of the last-minute knick knacks and party accessories, here are some simple tips on how you can stay healthy this December, amidst the holiday chaos.


Don’t Forget to Pack a Snack

While you are trimming tinsel and getting that last-minute shopping done, it’s always important that you pack a high-protein snack.

Instead of making that run for the food court, reach for a high-protein snack bar. BistroMD has a wide variety of high protein-snacks, including a chocolate crisp protein bar, different flavors of turkey jerky, and we even have different flavors of cheesecake. Check out more of our snacks by clicking here.

Most of our snacks contain a good dose of fiber which keeps you feeling fuller longer—perfect for those three or four hour last-minute shopping trips!

If you don’t have these type of snacks handy, try a handful of almonds, or a cup of low-fat yogurt with mixed fruit. Both of these options make for a delightfully healthy snack.

Overindulgence Makes You Grinch-Like

Before you attend those holiday parties or host one for yourself, plan ahead and think about the food you will be serving.

Sure, the holidays are the perfect time to overindulge, but why would you want to if you can avoid it? After all, overindulgence leads to weight gain, which can leave you feeling Grinch-like when it comes to maintaining your goals.

If you still want to serve sweets or still eat them, look for healthier recipes and alternatives, and know your limit. Limit your intake to minimal, and eat a good, healthy and filling meal before you arrive or before you host your party. To curb your hunger and desire for sweets even more, start at the healthier section of the buffet line first and make your way down. By the time you get ready for dessert, your cravings won’t be as strong, which makes you less likely to overindulge.

When it comes to holiday cocktails, wine or light beer is preferable, just don’t have more than one glass. If you are hosting a party of your own, following healthier holiday cocktail recipes like these can help.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Even if you aren’t just trying to lose weight, but trying to stay healthy during the holiday season, always be aware of your surroundings.

If the weather outside is frightful, make sure you are bundled up tight, and that you aren’t setting yourself up for a cold. If you are going to a busy shopping mall, pack a stockpile of sanitizer and be sure to keep your hands away from your mouth and eyes.

If you have small children, make sure they are bundled up as well and that they are eating a proper diet every day. Sugar cookies and eggnog isn’t an ideal diet for maintaining a strong immune system. Be sure to eat plenty of veggies, and always make room for rich, antioxidant fruits. After all, holiday berries aren’t just good for decorating. Many of them are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, including cranberries and pomegranate.

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