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Learn about a host of diabetes-related topics such as how many Americans suffer from this disease to how to easily adjust to a new diet after diagnoses. This section will provide you with the information you need to make informed dietary decisions regarding diabetes.

Diabetic Meal Plan: Up The Choices!

Diabetic Meal Plan: Up The Choices!

Diabetics must live and eat differently than people who do not have problems. This can be a difficult adjustment, especially when you first learn that you have the disease. A diabetic meal plan, however, does not have to be boring. If it is done right, a diabetic meal plan can be colorful, tasteful and extremely enjoyable!

The first thing that most doctors will tell you, is that you need to lower the amount of sugar you put into your body. A diabetic meal plan is generally a meal plan that limits sugar, such as sweets and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are often the most difficult to get used to moderating, because we eat so many without even realizing. The high amount of carbohydrates in each of the food items we eat on a regular basis, means that a diabetic either has to make do with very little of each, or has to cut one or more of the items out of the meal. For example, many of us are used to enjoying a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and wine. This meal for a diabetic, though, just wouldn’t work, and since taking the bread and wine out of the picture might ruin the entire meal, it’s easy to get frustrated.

There are some tricks to a diabetic meal plan that those who struggle with the disease often figure out after a time. One of these tricks is wheat. Whole wheat bread, and whole wheat pasta, do contain carbohydrates, but they break down slower in your system, meaning that they do not release the same amount of sugar as does white bread and pasta. A diabetic meal plan may include some items that are made with whole wheat.

Rice is another food that we eat on a regular basis. Unfortunately, rice is one of those “be careful” foods that a diabetic meal plan tries to avoid. Rice, especially white rice, is filled with carbohydrates that break down into sugar. Some diabetics find that lentils are just as filling, and tend to substitute lentils for rice in their meal plan.

But what about fruits and vegetables? You may have to be careful with some of the fruits and veggies that you love, such as legumes. Careful though, that does not meant that you can’t enjoy these food groups. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that are diabetic-friendly, which means that they will not drastically raise your blood sugar. A diabetic meal plan may include some of these, such as bananas and broccoli.

BistroMD understands how difficult it is to change your diet in the short time period that is often required of diabetics. We do our best to make the transition easier for you. Instead of making you learn through books or pamphlets, BistroMD helps you to learn how to achieve a diabetic meal plan through repetition. We serve delicious, healthy meals to your doorstep. Each meal contains ingredients that fit into a diabetic meal plan, so that you can see all of the different foods available to you.

If you would like information on how we can serve amazing meals that fit into your diabetic meal plan, please visit the "Our Menu" page by clicking on the corresponding tab found above.

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