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Can I eat my meals in any order?

Chad O.

In a nutshell, yes. However, we build your menu to create a specific balance of macronutrients and nutrients so the body is properly fueled and nourished each day.

For this reason, we recommend swapping out entire days (like Wednesday’s selections with Friday’s) or meals and snacks within that same day. For instance, you could eat Wednesday’s lunch for dinner and vice-versa. 

We also recommend choosing more often from the ‘nutritionally balanced’ options, as those are nutritionally compatible with the original meal selected for your menu, when customizing your menu each week in your member portal (

The meals in the 'additional healthy options' column are healthy meals on your plan but are not nutritionally compatible with the original meal selected for you. You may pick meals from that list and it may or may not impact your weight loss, depending on your situation. 

For some people, like those that are more active or have higher calorie needs, selecting off the additional healthy list or mixing meals may not impact their progress. For others, it just may slow progress. For members with medical considerations, like high blood pressure and diabetes, having each day nutritionally balanced for sodium and carbohydrates is important.

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