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How to Get Moving and Get in Shape This Summer

"There are too many holiday parties to lose weight now!" or "I will wait till summer to get in shape..." are too commonly spoken and heard each winter. And before you know it, another year has passed, only to repeat yourself and continue the vicious cycle. However, every season has its own temptations and should not dictate your motivation to get in shape. Shake off the excuses and learn how to motivate yourself to lose weight and get fit this summer!


How to Get in Shape Over the Summer

1. Evaluate Personal Health
Before starting any sort of exercise or weight loss program, it is important to evaluate and communicate any personal health concerns. While physical or medical conditions do not generally cause limitations, your primary care provider can provide a safe, individualized plan for you.

2. Make SMART Goals
Though it is admirable to make big goals, being too lofty can diminish their success. Making "SMART" goals has shown to lead to boundless accomplishments, including this summer!

Specific: Unlike generic goals, SMART and specific goals are specific and the questions of who, what, when, where, and why?

Measurable: A measurable goal tracks the progress and keeps you accountable until a projected deadline, mostly by identifying "how much?" and "how many?"

Achievable: Although goals should be challenging, they still should remain achievable and attainable. Answering, "How can I accomplish this goal?" can help identify resources and tools needed for its achievement while surfacing potential barriers that may need to be overcome.

Realistic: While big dreams are admirable, goals should be realistic and within reason. During the evaluation process, it is crucial to stay honest with yourself and consider all abilities and commitments needed to acquire anticipated goals.

Timely: Goals need target dates and times to keep you progressively moving towards them, along with helping prioritize everyday responsibilities and keeping desired goals on the forefront.

3. Create A Vision Board
Creating a vision board keeps you reminded of why you decided to get in shape in the first place and motivated to progress towards goals. And rather than focusing on material items you may want, the board should reflect on how you want to feel, including feelings of strength and happiness. Whether being the healthiest you have ever felt for your wedding day or staying youthful for future grandkids, include your biggest inspirations and supporters on your vision board.

4. Reward Yourself
With all the hard work you put into getting in shape for summer, remember to reward yourself. After meeting goals, reward yourself with a that pair of tennis shoes you have been eyeballing, an ice cream cone at the new local shop, or anything else you have been eager to do or buy. No matter what the reward, allow yourself to enjoy it... You deserve it!

5. Sign Up for Recreational Sports
Summer calls for fun summer games! Take the opportunity to join summer sport teams, including kickball, sand volleyball, and others that may be in your area. If offerings are minimal within your local community, have fun forming, organizing, and playing with family and friends.

6. Head into the Great Outdoors
Getting in shape for summer is much more than signing up for a gym membership. Use the warmer weather to your advantage with these eight ways to stay in shape while enjoying the great outdoors, including hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding!

7. Stay Mindful of Food
With all the summer get-togethers, it may be difficult to stick to a healthful diet. From the BBQ meats to the left, to the desserts to the right, and all the chips and dips in between, overindulging can easily be done. But rather than continuing seasonal excuses of getting in shape, make summer the time to strengthen food relationships and appreciate fresh ingredients! For instance, visit local farmer's markets and purchase in season produce, incorporating nature's bounty into new or favorite recipes.

Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on May 08, 2013. Updated on May 13, 2019.


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