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7 Tips to Avoid Post-Wedding Weight Gain

While marriage is a lasting journey of making boundless memories with one another, the risks of weight gain can jeopardize precious years of life with your partner. So if wondering what to do after the wedding is over, look no further than these seven tips.


Brides and groomsman alike have found themselves shedding for the wedding, ultimately in aim to look and feel their best for the upcoming big day. But getting married means sharing much more than holy matrimony…

In fact, couples start conjoining health outcomes and behaviors after the big day and marriage has been a considerable risk factor for weight gain. Furthermore, research published in Obesity found spouses who become obese nearly doubles the risk of the other becoming obese.

There are numerous hypothesis and reasons for weight gain after marriage, including falling into the temptation of a spouse's piece of cake, mirroring portion sizes even if not as hungry, eating out of stress, and quote unquote "letting yourself go" based on commitment and certainty.

While marriage is a lasting journey of making boundless memories with one another, the risks of weight gain can jeopardize precious years of life with your partner. So if wondering what to do after the wedding is over, look no further than these seven tips.

7 Tips to Avoid Post-Wedding Weight Gain

1. First of all, avoid fad diets.

From the very beginning of your journey, up until now, and for the future to come… Do not fall into the temptation of fad diets! While they might promise rapid weight loss, fad and crash diets really only offer short-term solutions to your weight concerns.

Any diet that makes unrealistic weight loss goals will likely help you slim down, though the one rarely discussed side effect of fad diets is the weight loss is usually the result of loss of muscle or water. And not to mention, the weight is regained quickly and many people even gain more!

Ultimately, fad diets rely on unhealthy shortcuts that teach you nothing about healthy living for sustainable weight loss.

2. Vow to maintain healthy habits.

The vows don't stop after your big day… And commit to not only your partner, but to the gym, your meal planning schedule, etc.

In times of temptation and moments of weakness, vow to yourself that you will continue with your best foot forward to withstand healthy habits in marriage.

3. Get back on track after the honeymoon.

While you may feel as if you need a vacation from your vacation, it is important get back on back on track after your honeymoon.

So rather than postponing your efforts when returning from your honeymoon, make an effort to plan out meals with your significant other and head to the grocery store. Doing so sets the stage for healthful meals throughout the week and lowers the risk of resorting to the drive thru.

(And not to mention, more time to make it to the gym!)

4. Strategize and prioritize the time with your significant other.

After getting married, it is key to keep the love alive by spending time with one another and making memories together. However, date nights tend to based around food, including trying out the new local restaurant or snacking on a bounty of candy at the movie theatre.

But rather than focusing your nights on solely on food, make the focal point around various activities. Whether it be signing up for golf lessons or paddling a tandem kayak, take turns between you and your loved one to pick a new skill or activity to try together.

5. Focus on you.

While it is important to be one another's biggest cheerleader, becoming so focused on someone else's progress can start derailing yours.

So instead of fixating on the 10-pound weight loss of your loved one, also be sure to celebrate when five pounds are shaved off when you step on the scale.

Or based on the contrary, perhaps you start aligning your habits to those of your spouse who goes for the tub of ice cream each night. But it is important to not be swayed and stay strong, as leading a healthy example may just motivate them to join your efforts!

6. Share and trade your healthy lifestyle tricks.

Conjoining lives poses the opportunity to complement with another, including sharing and trading healthy lifestyle tricks!

For instance, if you are an impeccable organizer and your spouse knows their way around the kitchen, join forces and create a healthy grocery list and delicious meal schedule for the week.

7. Don't give up!

Remember, you have embarked on this journey before. And while there may be a new set of obstacles and hurdles, you conquered your weight loss goals all while balancing wedding planning, meal prepping, working, and exercising.

Ultimately, stay consistent, try to always put your best foot forward, forgive yourself, and don't give up!

Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on August 07, 2018.


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