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Lose Weight for a Wedding


All brides (and sometimes even grooms) want to lose weight for a wedding but often don’t know the best approach. There is certainly no end to diets you see on television, the internet and in magazines. These are usually diets that promise rapid weight loss with little, to no effort.

Unfortunately, these diets are often quite dangerous for your health and often don't help you achieve consistent fat loss. At BistroMD, we know that the quick fixes to help you lose weight for a wedding may have you stumped. Your best approach to losing weight for your big day is a healthy, balanced diet, with an effective exercise plan.

It's easy to get so wrapped up in our daily routines that we sometimes lose touch with our goals to live a healthier lifestyle. Why not take your wedding weight loss goal, and turn it into a long-term healthy lifestyle goal?

In fact, your wedding (or attending someone else's) is a great motivator to change your life. While your ultimate goal will be to lose weight for a wedding, you don’t need to stop there! Instead, take some time to learn about healthy eating and exercise so that you can sustain long-term weight maintenance.

The first step for anyone looking to lose weight for a wedding (not just brides and grooms who want to look good for these celebrations) is to develop healthy eating habits. Thanks to our experts, BistroMD has a few recommendations to help you accomplish and maintain your goals.

First of all, don't drop your daily calories to the equivalent of a carrot. Eat a balanced breakfast with a meal that contains a good source of protein. Eggs, or egg whites, Canadian bacon and Greek yogurt are good foods to start with. Starting the day off right with a filling breakfast will help reduce mid-morning hunger pangs.

Secondly, try to eat at regular intervals (ideally every 4 hours). Recent dietary research indicates that eating three well-balanced meals daily, promotes a more effective metabolism. High-protein snacks between these meals is also recommended, just be sure to monitor your daily calorie intake.

Understanding portion sizes is also important if you hope to lose weight for a wedding. Take some time to familiarize yourself with adequate portion sizes. Each meal from BistroMD is nutritionally balanced to serve the right portions to promote an effective metabolism.

Another simple trick to help you lose weight for a wedding is to drink plenty of water. We all know water is necessary for survival, but the benefits your body receives to help you lose weight are numerous. Drinking water makes us feel full; limiting hunger cravings helps us eat less. Our brains can’t differentiate between feeling full on water or feeling full on food.

In the same way, sometimes thirst is confused with hunger.  Any time you feel yourself craving something, pour yourself a large glass of water. After 10 minutes, see if the craving has passed. If not, grab a snack high in protein like cheese or apples.  Your craving should start to subside. Water is so good for us, and it doesn't have any calories. It’s an excellent alternative to unhealthy snacking.

If you don't feel like counting calories, or monitoring portion sizes when trying to lose weight for a wedding, give BistroMD a try. We specialize in the home delivery of healthy and delicious meals, designed for a lighter, healthier you.

What are you waiting for? Order now, and experience the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.

About BistroMD:

BistroMD™ is the nation’s leading physician-designed, chef-prepared diet meal delivery company. Founded by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., one of several hundred medical doctors in the country board certified in the field of weight loss, Dr. Cederquist has been helping clients lose weight for over 15 years. Building upon her medical expertise and her nutritional knowledge of a balanced diet, BistroMD helps people achieve healthy weight loss through home-delivered meals that are healthy, delicious and convenient. For more information on BistroMD visit:

Written By bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on January 10, 2013.


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