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8 Postpartum Exercise Tips

From first consulting with your doctor to getting active with baby, find out how to exercise after pregnancy in a safe, yet effective manner.


As a mom, you provide your children with the nourishing tools they need to carryout a healthy life.

While doing so is nonetheless fulfilling and inspiring, you must not put your own health on the back-burner, as keeping up your own personal vitality is essential for providing the upmost care for you and your family.

Luckily, you can duly act as a Supermom and Workout Wonder Woman with these postpartum exercise tips!

Post-Pregnancy Workout Tips

1. Consult with Your Doctor

Before starting any sort of workout regimen or gearing back up after pregnancy, consult with your doctor.

They can address any individual health concerns, along with guide you to a suitable program to best fit your needs concerning postpartum body care.

2. Focus On Overall Wellbeing

Losing that baby weight may be your overarching goal, and while admirable and obtainable, do not get so bogged down with the scale!

Think about this humbling reality: Your body has gone through some remarkable changes to bring your newest bundle of joy! Needless to say, appreciate all the strength your body has recently endured and value the health of both you and baby.

So rather than solely fixating on how much weight you want to lose, focus on overall wellbeing and enjoy the newfound moments of motherhood!

3. Create "SMART" Goals

Though making large postpartum exercise goals is admirable, it is important to be realistic about your progress. Goals should also be SMART, or specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely and may detail "I will work out at least three times a week for 45 minutes."

Also establish and prioritize goals important to you, construct a game plan that aligns with them, and adjust your goals and strategy as needed.

4. Get Active with Baby at Home

Exercise after pregnancy does not have to involve a trip to the gym, as there are numerous mommy-and-me exercises you can tackle without stepping out of your front door!

So between feedings and naptime, tackle these 10 fun exercises to do with your baby or this mom and baby strength workout to do at home.

5. Consider A Nanny or Sitter

Consider a nanny or sitter to relieve you for an hour or two a few times each week to head to the gym or simply get out of the house.

Not only does doing so hearten your postpartum workout goals, but is invaluable for your mental welfare!

6. Attend Meetup Groups and Group Classes

Meetup groups and group classes are a fun way to meet new moms and break up the monotony of feed, change diaper, nap, repeat.

Fitness programs such as FIT4MOM also offers post-pregnancy workout classes throughout the U.S. and includes Stroller Strides®, Stroller Barre®, Body Back®, and FIT4BABY®.

Interested in postpartum fitness with other moms? A simple web search can help you find available Meetup groups and programs respective to your local area.

7. Don't Forget About Good Nutrition

Likewise as important as a postpartum fitness and workout plan, do not forget about good nutrition! A well-balanced diet supplies nutrients the body it needs to fuel workouts and recover properly to successively nurture a healthy weight and lean muscle mass.

Ultimately, reduce the intake of convenience, processed foods and incorporate more wholesome foods, including whole grains, fruits and veggies, lean and plant-based proteins, and healthy fat sources.

If overwhelmed with the task of healthy eating, bistroMD can come to your mommy rescue! The nation's leading weight loss meal delivery service offers well-balanced, fast, and convenient meals directly to your doorsteps, all without the hassle and stress of tackling the grocery store and kitchen amongst your busy day.

They also offer individual plans for women to meet nutritional needs and accommodate personalized health goals, along with personal support every step of the way!

8. Try to Get a Handle On Sleep

Balancing motherhood, regular workouts, a nutritious diet, AND sleep...? While sleep deprivation is common among new moms, obtaining it is critical for postpartum body care.

First off, sleep grants the body energy it needs to conquer the tasks of motherhood, along with the fuel to tackle workouts. Sleep deprivation can also cause hormones to go haywire, including the hormones leptin and ghrelin, subsequently increasing cravings towards high-fat and sugary foods.

Furthermore, the stress the body endures when tired can trigger agitation and anxiety, and eventually, the release of cortisol. Also known as the "stress hormone," too much cortisol can harbor fat in the abdominal region and make it harder to lose weight.

(And not to mention, the possibilities of stress eating…)

To mitigate the risks of constant sleep deprivation, new moms can sleep more by seeking out assistance and sleeping when baby sleeps.

Written By Christy Zagarella, MS, RDN. Published on November 29, 2018. Updated on March 13, 2019.


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