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Weight Loss

From the effects of the hormone cortisol to the role of genetics in weight loss, this category is packed with everything that you need to know about losing weight the healthy way.

I Need to Lose Weight! HELP!

I Need to Lose Weight! HELP!

With fast food, soda, and junk food as dietary staples in America, Americans are getting fatter every day. This excess weight leads to numerous medical problems, high hospital bills and general unhappiness. If you are one of the many American adults who are overweight or obese, losing excess weight can help safeguard your health and lead to a better quality of life. This article will provide the help and suggestions you need to lose weight.

Start Today

If you want or need to lose weight, start today. Do not start tomorrow, next week, after your birthday, after your planned vacation or some other arbitrary future date. By starting now, you can see the results faster and receive the benefits of weight loss sooner. Also, you will be more likely to continue your diet or exercise plan and you WILL be successful.

Stop Drinking Your Calories

The best diet plan can be negated if you unknowingly or unintentionally drink your calories. Soda, specialty coffees, energy drinks, alcohol, juice, smoothies and most other drinks are full of hidden calories. Having one of these drinks each day can add between one hundred and five hundred calories to your diet.

Starts today by replacing these drinks with water, ordering a smaller serving of your favorite drink, or just don’t get a refill. These simple drink changes can provide the calorie reduction and dietary change you need to lose weight.

Look at What You Are Eating

Once you have looked at what you are drinking, turn your attention to the food you are eating. Is it the best quality, healthiest, best tasting food you can buy? Or is it full of chemicals, fat, and calories and will it leave you feeling bloated, weighed down and uncomfortable later on?

If you answered yes, start improving your diet today. Do not stop at the fast food place for dinner and make healthier choices by buying some fresh vegetables and fruit and make a quick salad or stir-fry with them. Or wake up a few minute earlier to prepare a home cooked breakfast. By making little daily dietary changes, you will soon see a monumental impact in your weight and with how you feel.

Get Moving

You are still reading this because you want or need to lose weight. That being said, stand up right where you are. Yes, you! Stand up from where you are sitting or lying and walk around. Grab a drink of water, get the mail, do some jumping jacks, walk your dog, walk your neighbor’s dog, walk to the grocery store, go outside and smell a flower. Just get moving!

The more you move the more calories you burn. Start simple by adding five extra minutes of movement to your day. Over time, build this into a regular exercise routine and you will feel the benefits.

Be Persistent

Weight loss is a process that takes time and energy. Be realistic and set attainable, healthy goals such as losing one and two pounds of body fat per week. Then be persistent and follow your plan and goal until you reach it and you no longer need to lose weight.

If you’re looking for something fast and convenient without the hassle of frequenting the grocery store, bistroMD offers diet plans that can help you successfully lose weight.

We cook with the freshest ingredients and have over 200 recipes and a customizable menu so you should have no problem finding something to satisfy your taste buds.

Every bite you take follows this proven approach for healthy weight loss. Our program provides 1,100-1,400 calories daily with 40-50% total caloric intake from lean, adequate protein, 20-25% of calories from healthy fats, and 30-35% from complex carbohydrates.

It only takes a few weeks to start seeing results. You don’t have anything to lose, but the fat!

We have a men and a women’s program with the option to receive five-or-seven-days’ worth of healthy meals delivered to your door.

The two programs range from $130-$160 and EATS, our essential and tasty snacks are just $1.50 per snack. Women receive two snacks per day and men receive three snacks per day.

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