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Tips for Weight Loss Over 40

As the body ages, changes are expected and oftentimes unavoidable. The alterations can promote weight gain or even make it seem impossible to lose the weight. So how can women combat weight gain and lose weight after 40? We're here with useful tips and approaches!


As the body ages, changes are expected and oftentimes unavoidable. The alterations can cultivate weight gain or make it seem impossible to lose the weight. But losing weight after 40 is not unmanageable, though it may seem like an aging consequence that must be accepted. So how can women combat weight gain and lose weight after 40? bistroMD is here with useful tips and approaches!

How to Lose Weight After 40

When it comes to the best diet plan for women over 40, it is important to ditch the notion of a "one diet fits all." The word "diet" generally piles on poor connotations - restrictive, dull, bland, boring, stressful, just to name a few. Instead of taking on a "diet" that are oftentimes temporary, embrace a complete lifestyle change. Restrictive diets can take the enjoyment out of food, effecting quality of life.

• Firstly, make small changes that can lead to habits - cutting soft drinks from three to one per day, increasing vegetables to one serving to two, or preparing meals at home four out of the seven days of the week. Starting to fill the diet with whole grains, fresh produce, lean proteins, and healthy fats will naturally limit room for innutritious foods such as sugary and fat-laden snacks and treats. With healthful items comprising the diet, calories are more apt to stay in check while fiber and nutrients are amplified.

When the body ages, lean body mass commonly reduces while fat mass increases. The combination of the two slows down metabolism and makes gaining weight that much easier. Promoting heart health and burning off calories, practice aerobic exercises such as walking or jogging, swimming, biking, or register for an aerobics class. To help prevent muscle degradation and foster an efficient metabolism, incorporate strength training into the workout regimen two to three days each week. Practicing weight bearing exercises also promotes bone strength, a powerful benefit as women are at an increased risk of osteoporosis with each year that passes.

Sleep to lose weight! Though busy schedules may seem preventative to achieve adequate sleep on a consistent basis, try normalizing sleeping habits. Inadequate sleep has shown to increase weight by provoking the temptation of innutritious foods, overeating on prepackaged sweets and snacks, lessening energy to exercise, and aggravating hormones. The cultivation not only packs on calories, but impedes on weight loss mechanics.

Sometimes stress is inevitable. Though some stress can be quite motivating to do your best work, too much of it can cause the body and hormones to run haywire! The stress hormone, especially cortisol, heightens with stress and holds onto weight. Discover if your body is too stressed and learn how to combat those stressful consequences here!

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on May 29, 2018. Updated on November 02, 2019.


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