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Weight Loss

From the effects of the hormone cortisol to the role of genetics in weight loss, this category is packed with everything that you need to know about losing weight the healthy way.

10 Effective Ways to Lose Weight

Interestingly, obesity rates continue to grow while weight loss strategies and tips are essentially at the tips of our fingers. And while there may be a book full of reasons why weight loss is not achieved, most of the strategies are short-term and mostly ineffective. So if wondering not only how to lose weight, but to do so effectively, a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard have connected you to the right place!


1. Eat the Rainbow

While remaining mindful of calorie intake is important, effective weight loss is much more than counting calories. To innately keep calories in check without the frustration and demand of intricately counting them, choose foods that are colorful in nature. Start by loading up the plate with fresh or roasted veggies and pair with a lean protein, as doing so balances calories and a variety of nutrients.

2. Meal Prep

While it is critical to understand which foods benefit the body most, that knowledge needs to become a reality to effectively lose weight. To lessen the risk of impulse meals, partake in meal preparation. Find your beginner's guide to meal prepping, recipes, and ideas here.

3. Drink More Water

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, subsequently leading to an unnecessary intake of calories. Before snacks and meals, drink a glass of water, as health experts advocate it may suppress hunger and reduce the risk of overeating come mealtime. Drink your way to weight loss with these four tips.

4. Enjoy Foods Slowly

'Enjoy' and 'slowly' are two very effective words to describe food intake. First off, foods should be enjoyed and can be successfully done so when consumed in a slow manner, which also helps signal the "I'm full" feeling and subsiding hunger pangs. Slowly eating and relishing the flavors of food is also a principle of mindful eating, a growing technique shown to offer weight loss success.

5. Stay Active

A sedentary lifestyle has shown to contribute to weight gain. Though desk jobs may force confinement to a computer or telephone, try to stand up and move as much as possible, including hourly stretches, taking the long route to the bathroom, and daily walks throughout the lunch hour.

6. Introduce Weights

Along with staying active, introduce weights or other resistance movements. Strength training not only assists in weight loss, but reduces fat mass and elevates lean body mass. Increased muscle mass helps accelerate metabolism, even when the body as at rest, subsequently resulting to more effective weight loss.

7. Join Support Groups

Gain strength not only through weight and resistance training, but in numbers. Support groups are invaluable for not not only weight loss, but its maintenance. Attending groups with likeminded people can be encouraging throughout the start of your journey and but create and sustain lasting connections.

8. Sleep It Off

Interestingly, overweight and obesity rates are increasing while achieved sleep numbers are decreasing. While a multitude of reasons may be hindering adequate sleep patterns, continuously obtaining the seven to nine hours of shuteye each night can ease your weight loss efforts by warding off sleep-induced cravings and elevating energy levels to remain active throughout the day.

9. Manage Stress

Too much or uncontrolled stress may be destructing all weight loss efforts, despite diet changes made. When the body undergoes any physical or mental stress, a hormone known as cortisol is generally released and causes the body to hold onto weight. Reduce stress by practicing this 20-minute yoga routine, consuming these healthy foods, or any other stress-relieving technique you like to partake in.

10. Inhabit A Healthy Lifestyle

But most importantly, make healthful changes that are lifelong and lasting. Weight loss and maintenance occurs not from falling into the traps of fad diets and false recommendations, but implementing healthful strategies that have validated research and support, including the nine effective ways to lose weight listed above!

Written By Christy Zagarella, MS, RDN. Published on June 24, 2013. Updated on May 13, 2019.


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