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From the effects of the hormone cortisol to the role of genetics in weight loss, this category is packed with everything that you need to know about losing weight the healthy way.

Are you self-sabotaging your goals?

This short reflection exercise is a great way to start your wellness journey. Grab your success journal, and get started!


Friend or Foe?

We all have the voice in our heads that speaks to us about various things all day long. We suggest thinking of this voice as if it was a friend. If that voice was your friend, would you keep that friendship, and chose to be around that person?

Go deeper. Take a few minutes to journal on the questions below & reflect.

What conversation are you having with yourself about your weight, eating habits and exercise patterns? Is it a positive or negative conversation?

What have you been talking to yourself about lately in regards to your weight loss plan? Is it positive or negative self-talk?

You have the power to realize the conversations you are in. You have the ability to take control of these conversations.

What kind of positive self-talk do you use to be motivated?

What kind of negative self-talk do you need to stop?

This is a powerful exercise to set yourself up for success.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on December 07, 2016. Updated on December 07, 2016.


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