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Weight Loss

From the effects of the hormone cortisol to the role of genetics in weight loss, this category is packed with everything that you need to know about losing weight the healthy way.

4 Ways to Drink Your Way to Weight Loss

Weight loss is thought to occur when following a strict diet, but water consumption is often overlooked. So how can you maximize weight loss with water? Try drinking water to lose weight with these 4 simple approaches!


We cultivate drinking water for reaching and maintaining good health. And with talk about water contributing to weight loss, how can its intake become maximized to achieve a healthy weight? Consume water to lose weight with these simple approaches!

Drinking Water to Lose Weight

Weight loss is thought to occur after following a strict diet and rigorous workout regimen. However, there are other synergistic factors that flow into the weight loss equation - water being a significant influence and one that should not go unnoticed. Though water is mostly absent of nutrients, its intake is vital for fostering an efficient body system. Water helps supply the body's cells with vitamins and minerals obtained from foods and fosters effective digestion processes. And since plain water is absent of calories, switching over to water from soft drinks reduces total caloric intake, thus facilitating weight loss. Experts also suggest filling up on water lessens the risk of overeating, as it acts like an appetite suppressant by filling and satiating the stomach. Although the general recommendation of eight cups (or 64-ounces) may seem like an overwhelming amount, drink your way to weight loss with these four tips!

4 Ways to Drink Your Way to Weight Loss

1. Hydrate the Right Way
Though soft drinks and concentrated juices are mostly water, they are essentially water loaded with sugar. These sort of drinks contain empty calories, a known source of weight gain related to high energy content without offering beneficial nutrients. Instead of ordering a soda or pop at your next meal, resort to a water. Not only is it generally free in price, but free in calories!

2. Stay Prepared
Drinking water to lose weight mostly comes down to its adequate intake. If water is not available, its drinking obviously is not either. For this reason, keep large water bottles in convenient locations to encourage its intake. Additionally, always have a filled water bottle on hand as a constant reminder. Staying prepared and making water a habit can ultimately reduce caloric intake while keeping the body hydrated!

3. Get Creative
Especially if giving up sweetened drinks, stopping cold turkey with plain tap water might be a shellshock. But instead of consuming grams upon grams of sugar, naturally sweeten your water with various flavors. These flavored water tips and combinations will transform your next glass of water into a sought-out thirst quencher!

4. Moderate Alcohol
Though not an encouraged way to drink your way to weight loss, alcohol is certainly a drink to consider. Research does show the intake of alcohol, in moderation, has positive health benefits. But if consumed in excess, the body can become dehydrated. Alcohol itself also contains calories - add in mixers and calories can add up really quickly! Additionally, the intake of unhealthful foods tends to become more tempting after a night of drinking. The combination of dehydration and poor nutritional intake can ultimately hinder weight loss and even facilitate weight gain.

Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on October 13, 2016. Updated on May 13, 2019.


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