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Getting ready for the big day, and need to lose a few pounds to look perfect in your dress or tux? This section provides you the resources you need to lose weight before a wedding.

Wedding Dress Workout Plan

Your big day is quickly approaching and like most brides, you want to look and feel your best. Stand with poise, strength, and confidence with this wedding dress workout plan!

Wedding Dress Workout Plan

Wedding Dress Workout Plan Basics

A wedding dress workout plan encourages the facets of a number of exercises, including cardio, strength training, and an overall increase in movement:

Also known as aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, cardio focuses on rhythmic movements of large muscle groups. During the initial 20 minutes, the body utilizes carbs and its body stores as its primary fuel source, then starts to burn body fat after the first 20 minutes. So when it comes to weight loss, cardio is shown to burn more calories during the practice and leads to quicker results. Nonetheless, aim for at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week, including the activities of running, biking, and swimming. Aim for at least two days of cardio activity, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or tabata training, including this full-body workout.

Strength Training
While cardio has shown to produce the quickest weight loss results, the importance of strength training should not go unnoticed. Strength training is simply the act of building strength, with most of the relation between strength training and weight loss related to muscle growth, as gaining muscle mass and reducing body fat ultimately accelerates metabolism even when the body is at rest. Incorporate at least two to three days of strength training weekly and focus on the major muscle groups, including the chest, arms, back, shoulders, and legs.

Increase Movement
But also important to mention, exercise goes well beyond structured activities. Dismissing a sedentary lifestyle and increasing movement throughout the day not only burns more extra calories, but unfolds greater physical and mental health. Increase total daily movement by biking to work, walking during your lunch break, taking the dog on a walk, using the steps over the elevator, and parking further away from door entryways. Nonetheless, even small changes can produce large results!

Wedding Workout Tips and Inspirations

4-Week Strength Training Program
Below depicts five days with various strength training exercises to accommodate the major muscle groups. What days you decide to complete the exercises are completely up to you, but use the remaining two days to allow muscles to rest and/or time to incorporate cardio (and keep reading for cardio options that are not running)!

Day 1: Chest and Triceps

• Exercise 1: Dumbbell Bench Press
• Exercise 2: Seated Triceps Press
• Exercise 3: Dumbbell Fly
• Exercise 4: Bench Dip
• Exercise 5: Body-Up

Day 2: Glutes and Hamstrings

• Exercise 1: Barbell Hip Thrust
• Exercise 2: Sumo Squat
• Exercise 3: Romanian Deadlift
• Exercise 4: Back Extension
• Exercise 5: One-Arm Kettlebell Swing
• Exercise 6: Lateral Band Walk

Day 3: Shoulders and Abs

• Exercise 1: Push-Ups
• Exercise 2: Side Lateral Raise
• Exercise 3: Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
• Exercise 4: Jackknife Sit-Up
• Exercise 5: Reverse Crunch
• Exercise 6: Lower Back Curl

Day 4: Quads and Calves

• Exercise 1: Bodyweight or Dumbbell Squats
• Exercise 2: Bodyweight or Dumbbell Lunges
• Exercise 3: Bench Jump
• Exercise 4: Knee Circles
• Exercise 5: Standing Calf Raises

Day 5: Back and Biceps

• Exercise 1: One-Arm Dumbbell Row
• Exercise 2: Wide Group Lat Pull-Down
• Exercise 3: Barbell Curl
• Exercise 4: Reverse Barbell Curl
• Exercise 5: Bicep Curl with Dumbbells

Cardio Options (That Aren't Running)
If you hate running, bistroMD has numerous alternative cardio options for you! So rather than tying up those running shoes and hitting the pavement, try out these non-running cardio workouts, including biking, rowing, dancing, and swimming.

At-Home Boot Camp
As a pro tip, rather than heading to the gym amongst a busy schedule, you can save precious time by working out at home with this 30-minute boot camp workout.

10-Minute Workout
From finalizing wedding details to keeping up a social life, sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to tackle that workout you outlined on your to-do list. But with a little reprioritizing and time delegation, your health goals can remain intact with a quick, at home workout! So if you have 10 minutes... You have time for this workout!

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Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on June 11, 2018. Updated on October 24, 2019.


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