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Getting ready for the big day, and need to lose a few pounds to look perfect in your dress or tux? This section provides you the resources you need to lose weight before a wedding.

How to Stick to Your Diet for You Wedding Day

From finding the perfect dress to feeling good in it on the big day, brides know the stresses of weddings all too well. We're coming to your wedding day rescue with these tools and tips to help you develop a healthy wedding diet plan!

How to Stick to Your Diet for You Wedding Day

From finding the perfect dress to feeling good in it on the big day, brides know the stresses of weddings all too well. Such pressures and anxieties may even drive brides to resort to extreme weight loss methods, while others may look to food as a coping mechanism. Both tactics not only lead to negative relationships with food, but compromise the ability to effectively withhold a lasting, healthy diet. BistroMD is coming to your wedding day rescue with these tools and tips to help you develop a healthy wedding diet plan!

How to Stick to Your Wedding Diet Plan

Have A Game Plan
Before starting any diet, it is recommended you speak with your primary care provider to ensure a safe, yet effective approach to weight loss. Having a game and wedding diet plan mitigates the risk of crash dieting, which is highly discouraged. Depriving the body of what it needs can negatively affect mood, energy levels, and overall health, and may even cause more weight gain when the crash diet has, well, crashed. Ultimately, a wedding diet plan involves making healthy choices, not merely eating less, and can be accomplished by shopping with a strategic grocery list, planning out meals, and stocking up with accessible, nutritious snacks.

Set SMART Goals
No matter when you start, be SMART with your wedding day diet goals. Standing for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely, SMART goals have shown to be most effective and increase compliance to them. An unrealistic (and even dangerous) goal may state "I will lose 10 pounds in a week", while a more approachable SMART goal may specify, "I will lose one to two pounds each week by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising three days a week." Also feel free to break goals up into mini-goals, as their success can boost more confidence within yourself and motivation to keep going.

Offer Variety
Completely overhauling the diet may not only be unrealistic, but completely overwhelming. Good nutrition can be simple, though, particularly when you start going for wholesome foods rather than processed products. Nonetheless, a healthy wedding diet plan should include a variety of foods from all food groups. Not only does eating and offering a variety of foods ensure adequate nutrient intake, but lessens the likelihood of becoming bored with your wedding diet plan. Ultimately, comprise the diet with whole grains, fruits and veggies, lean and plant-based proteins, and healthy fat sources and indulge on favorite treats in moderated amounts and frequencies.

Look Beyond the Diet
Beyond the food itself, there are additional factors that can influence just how well we stick to a diet, including hydration, sleep, and stress management. First off, keeping hydrated not only supports an efficient metabolism, but can lessen the risk of overeating. Consume at least eight, 8-ounces of water per day and prior to and during meals.

Additionally, high stress during wedding planning can cause stress eating and trigger cortisol release, in turn increasing the risk of weight gain in the abdominal region. Ward off stress by practicing yoga, meditating, talking with friends, or simply reading a book.

The importance of sleep should not be slept on, as too little of it can stray you away from your diet and weight loss plan in a number of ways. Insufficient sleep deregulates hunger hormones and heightens food cravings towards carb and fat-rich foods, ultimately increasing the risk of a binge. Furthermore, sleep deprivation zaps both physical and mental energy, which makes it quite difficult to head to the gym for a rigorous workout. Brides should combat against such risks by obtaining the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep on a nightly basis.

Focus On the Goal
Amidst the stress and anxiety, try to keep focused on the goal, along with remembering why you set it in the first place. Stay fixated by setting out your wedding dress, sticking self-motivating post-its on your mirror, and keeping a wedding day countdown on the fridge. But whether you have four weeks or 12 months until your big day, you will nonetheless appreciate all the hard work and determination you put worth to sticking to your goals. Additionally, staying consistently focused can transpire into a total healthy lifestyle, even after the big day!

Enjoy the Process
While it may be easy to get so wrapped up into the details of the wedding, along with keeping focused on your goal, also allow yourself to enjoy the process! Remember, the big day is supposed to be special. So allow yourself to taste test wedding cakes and celebrate with a champagne toast with friends and family!

Confide in bistroMD
Preparing for your wedding can be stressful and overwhelming, that's a given. But by confiding in bistroMD, you can have one less task on your wedding to-do list and support with you every step of the way leading up to your big day! BistroMD offers a diet delivery program to help you develop healthy eating habits and lose weight, all without the hassle and stress of tackling the grocery store amidst a busy schedule. So if desiring meal assistance and seeing results in just a few short weeks, find more information on the programs bistroMD offers at their official webpage here or by calling 866-401-3438 today.

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Written By Sydney Lappe, MS, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on October 20, 2020.


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