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Real People Celebrating Real Success

Meet Joe
Meet Joe

Real People Celebrating Real Success

Joe Martucci
Age: 60 | Stockton, CA

20 lbs lighter

"BistroMD is not just a meal plan that allows me to eat what I need to eat. It has taught me what is good for me as a diabetic and what is not good for me as a diabetic"

Joe's Story


My ‘aha’ moment was when my doctor told me that my blood sugar was so high he was going to have to put me on insulin if I did not change my diet and lose weight. I set goals: I wanted my blood sugar to get into the 120 to 130 range and get my weight under 200 pounds. I don’t cook so eating out all the time and fast food was not going to cut it anymore. BistroMD has now replaced fast food for me. I cut out sugar and diet soft drinks, and I now watch every label for sugar. I did join a gym, but my busy lifestyle does not let me get there often.
I am still losing weight averaging about 7 pounds a month. My biggest goal was more about my blood sugar level than weight loss, and it has dropped 140 points on average. I’m still working on my goal and trying to get under 130 points. But the biggest thing is my doctor is not talking to me about insulin anymore, and I can keep up with my kids in their 20’s who are always running around.

Why bistroMD Works

weight loss programs

Customized, physician-designed weight loss programs

blanced targeted programs

Scientifically balanced programs that target fat

individualized support

Individualized support from our team of Registered Dietitians to help you reach your personal goals

balanced meals delivered

Nutritionally and scientifically balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your door


What Joe Loves

  • Free Registered Dietitian Support
  • Educational Tools & Resources
  • Access to Customizable Menu
  • Diabetic Program
  • EATS Snack Program
  • Friendly U.S.-based Member Service Team
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