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"I can't say enough good things about bistroMD. Thank you for helping me feel healthy again."

15 lbs Lighter*
Gretchen Breese, 58 Jamaica Plain, MA

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Chicken Mushroom Crepe - 5 Days

Gretchen's Story

I was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer and went through a brutal regimen of aggressive chemotherapy. I was going back and forth on the scale, jumping from 148 to 120, and then up again. My body was screaming for balance.

After I beat the cancer, I was frail and had no energy. The chemotherapy depleted a majority of my muscle mass so that simple tasks like cooking were difficult to accomplish.

I wanted a program that was healthy, but convenient. BistroMD was the best discovery I have ever made. I noticed an immediate change. I felt remarkable and it was such a surreal feeling. I was able to lose 15 pounds and the portions plus the nutrition helped get my body back into balance.

I get compliments from my colleagues and my students, and I can't believe how the convenience has made living healthy so easy. I can't say enough good things about bistroMD. Thank you for helping me feel healthy again.

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