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"I feel incredible and I'm ready to tackle life's challenges head on."

25 lbs Lighter*
Erin Stehl, 51 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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Grilled Salmon Dijon - 7 Days

Erin's Story

My life has been broadcasted on Dr. Phil for millions to see, but the cameras don't show you the emotional toll that gaining weight can have on your personal relationships, your self-worth and your outlook on life.

With all of the stress of caring for my family and our farm, I put on an extra 25 pounds in a blink of an eye. The farm requires a ton of physical endurance. Before bistroMD, I would have to stop to catch my breath while doing chores. Raking hay was a challenge, but now at 51, I have more energy than I did when I was 25. I can't tell you how amazing this makes me feel!

Before, I lacked self-confidence and I was hiding behind loose-fitting clothes. Today, I feel energetic and I feel like I'm ready for anything.

It's been so rewarding being able to keep up with my grandchildren. Wherever they run, I'm right there, and there's no better feeling!

"I feel incredible and I'm ready to tackle life's challenges head on."

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