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Dr. Phil Changes The Lives of Housewives

Dr. Phil Changes Housewives

In its all new season, housewives are opening up, getting real, and taking the first big steps towards living healthier and happier lives. This monumental effort isn’t being done alone. Once again, Dr. Phil has turned to the convenient home delivery of BistroMD to help his guests get healthy.

BistroMD is the #1 physician designed weight loss program in the nation, and the plan Dr. Phil himself calls, “the best home meal delivery available.” With a three-month supply of physician designed gourmet meals delivered to their home, the housewives will get on a plan that will re-train their metabolism, help them lose weight effectively, and get them on the right track of living a healthier lives.

“It is always rewarding to see the remarkable transformations that have taken place on Dr. Phil,” says Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., the founding physician behind BistroMD. “With chefs preparing our meals, and with convenient home delivery and my expertise, guests on the show, and clients alike, don’t have to sacrifice great taste to lose weight.”

BistroMD has helped many guests on Dr. Phil achieve their goals in the past. From helping families cope with childhood obesity, to helping transform the life of a woman named Erin, the meals delivered by BistroMD have truly helped guests achieve their dreams.

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