lisette's favorite entrees

  • Berry Crepe


    Berry Crepe

    A popular favorite, these colorful and sweet berry crepes are made of a sweetened low-fat cream cheese, and laced with the sensual flavors of vanilla bean extract and ground cinnamon.

  • Chicken Burrito


    Chicken Burrito Bowl

    A perfectly seasoned grilled chicken breast is combined with a serving of black beans and brown rice, topped with fresh sweet bell peppers, salsa verde and a light sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

  • Lunch

    Chicken Stuffed with Spinach and Feta, Served with Pomodoro Sauce

    This lean chicken breast is stuffed with a blend of spinach and feta cheeses and served with a hearty Pomodoro sauce, with a delicious side of mashed eggplant and wheat penne.

  • Lunch

    Island Spiced Pork

    Inspired by the flavors of the islands, our take on island spiced pork is rubbed with an array of unique spices and served with a side of jerk cauliflower and grilled plantains.

  • Dinner

    Grilled Chicken Breast with Garlic Veloute

    This deliciously grilled and oven-roasted chicken breast is served with a hearty and flavorful side of Ratatouille and complemented with roasted baby carrots and roasted garlic veloute.


signature entrees

  • Breakfast


    Buckwheat Berry Pancakes

    Prepare to love breakfast with these healthy and delicious buckwheat berry pancakes served with a rich and colorful blueberry and strawberry compote, with a hearty side of Canadian bacon.

  • Lunch

    Sliced Pork Tenderloin with BBQ Sauce

    This twist on a Southern BBQ staple combines sliced pulled pork in a succulent barbeque sauce, which is accompanied by a zesty corn succotash and a serving of cinnamon spiced apples.

  • Dinner

    Jerk Spiced Tilapia

    Indulge in the flavors of the Caribbean, with this grilled tilapia dish nestled in a bed of robust red pepper coulis, served with a yummy helping of yucca fries and fresh peas.