chris' favorite entrees

  • Berry Crepe


    Berry Crepe

    A popular favorite, these colorful and sweet berry crepes are made of a sweetened low-fat cream cheese, and laced with the sensual flavors of vanilla bean extract and ground cinnamon.

  • Roasted Norwegian Salmon


    Roasted Norwegian Salmon

    A fresh Norwegian salmon fillet is affectionately tossed with young leaf spinach, a wild rice medley, and oven-dried cranberries, and garnished with toasted almonds and a lemon Dijon dill sauce.

  • Dinner

    Chicken Stuffed with Feta & Spinach, Served with Carrots

    This delicious chicken breast is stuffed with a blend of spinach and feta cheese, served with a delicious and colorful side of cooked baby carrots and green beans almondine.

  • Lunch

    Uncured Ham and Turkey with Cous Cous

    You don't have to stop on a train in the Middle East to enjoy this flavorful dish, made with slices of uncured ham and oven-roasted turkey, and served with a side of cous cous and cranberry chutney.

  • Dinner

    Pork Verde Chili

    This rich and hearty pork chili entree gets its sizzle and flavor from a combination of green chiles, cumin, crushed red pepper, and is complemented by a side of stuffed piquillo peppers.


signature entrees

  • Buckwheat Berry Pancakes


    Buckwheat Berry Pancakes

    Prepare to love breakfast with these healthy and delicious buckwheat berry pancakes served with a rich and colorful blueberry and strawberry compote, with a hearty side of Canadian bacon.

  • Lunch

    Turkey Beef Chipotle Chili

    Our slow cooked chili is prepared using garden fresh vegetables and kidney beans, simmered in a rich tomato sauce, and complimented by a side of sweet Native American-style corn pudding.

  • Dinner

    Chicken Stuffed with Brown and Wild Rice

    This grilled and oven-roasted chicken breast is served with brown rice, and a colorful portion of baby peas and shoestring carrots, and served with a side of hearty and robust Ratatouille.