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Success Stories

Here we celebrate success and share stories! Weight loss is about confidence, and knowing that others have accomplished the same task you've set out to conquer can be powerful motivation to reach your goal.

Success Stories of Inspiration: How Lisette, Pamela and Frank Are Saving Their Lives

Every day, people struggle with losing weight. The uphill climb to success isn’t without its challenges, which is why success stories of inspiration can motivate others to conquer those seemingly impossible goals.

As the number one physician-designed, chef-prepared diet delivery company in the nation, bistroMD is hoping to change the lives of thousands, by sharing the stories of others.

With persistence, determination, and the drive to live healthier, these three people are changing their lives, and are hoping others will do the same.

Crippled with weight issues for most of their lives, read how Frank, Pamela and Lisette are seeing success with weight loss, and how bistroMD is helping save their lives.

Meal Delivery Diet UnleashedFat Man Unleashed Frank Cruz: Putting a “Death” to the Yo-Yo Life

Frank C. will tell you himself that he used to be a fat man. In a world where people are ashamed to attach the title of “fat” to their persona, Frank has embraced it to motivate others, and has even used it to promote a weight loss campaign of his own: “Death to the Yo-Yo Life.”

Frank was always a “chubby” kid growing up, and this, along with the stress of being a new father in his adult life, caused him to pack on the pounds.

“At one point, I was 5 foot, 11 inches tall and I weighed close to 300 pounds,” says Frank.

Frank never thought of home meal delivery when it came to weight loss, especially since other diets he tried before never seemed to work.

After going through the vicious cycle of living life as a yo-yo dieter, Frank found a meal delivery diet that helped him achieve his goals of successfully losing weight and keeping it off.

“BistroMD helped me achieve my dreams. It's like I had a chef in my kitchen every day, cooking healthy and delicious meals for me. With a full-time job, and my wife working full-time and raising our kids, neither one of us really have time to cook for ourselves. With bistroMD, it’s like I have my own personal chef, and I get free support from a dietitian. I have all the confidence I need to succeed. It's also nice not worrying about shopping, cooking, or planning out my meals anymore.”

Since becoming part of the bistroMD family, Frank has said goodbye to "yo-yo" dieting, and has been able to maintain successful weight loss.

Success Story PamelaHow Pamela Heffernan’s Loss is Saving Her Life

At the age of 66, Pamela Heffernan goes to Zumba twice a week, sings with a tap-dancing senior choir, performs ballroom dances to her favorite Elvis songs, and doesn’t miss an episode of Dr. Phil.

As a child, Pamela never had any issues with weight. Growing up, she was always very active and loved to play outdoors in her suburban neighborhood.

As she grew older and progressed through school, Pamela always knew she wanted a career where she could combine her outgoing personality with her passion for medicine. A career aptitude test in high school actually confirmed that this passion was something worth pursuing.

In a decade where women were expected to be house wives or office secretaries, Pamela challenged the norm, and promised herself that she would do everything she could to become a registered nurse.

“The thought of being a secretary, or a stay-at-home wife just didn’t appeal to me," says Pamela. "I wanted to do more, and I wanted to make a difference in my career.”

In 1965, Pamela became a registered nurse, and in 1966, a devoted wife. For a woman who thought marriage wouldn’t come until after her career, Pamela quickly adjusted to her new role as a wife.

For many years, Pamela led, what most would consider to be, the perfect life. She had a successful career, a devoted husband, and two wonderful sons, Brett and Randy. After years of bliss and happiness, Pamela’s family was hit with a sudden and terrifying circumstance that left their lives broken and fragile.

“My husband was suddenly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1973. This is when my struggle with weight really began. For many years, I acted as the primary caregiver. I took care of the children, I worked, and I kept a clean house. It was a difficult time, so I used food to cope with the stress and the pain. I became an emotional eater,” says Pamela.

Treatments and support helped Pamela and her family cope with her husband’s condition. After a long and difficult battle with Multiple Sclerosis, Pamela’s husband passed away in 1996 at the age of 54.

Consumed with grief for her husband, Pamela again turned to food for comfort, and sunk even further into depression.

Pamela’s battle with food continued for over a decade, but became even more difficult when another tragedy suddenly rocked her world.

Just six months after she retired in 2007, Pamela’s oldest son, Randy, committed suicide. He was only 39 years old.

“Food was such a comfort to me," says Pamela. "After a while, though, I just felt lazy and hopeless. I didn’t like the way I felt, and I decided that it was time to start taking care of myself again.”

As a dedicated fan of Dr. Phil, Pamela has never missed an episode, and took notice when the good doctor started endorsing a diet home delivery program called bistroMD.

“I thought, ‘if Dr. Phil recommends it, then it must be good,’ so I decided to give bistroMD a try,” says Pamela.

Since starting the program several months ago, Pamela has managed to lose 15 pounds, and she is more active than she has ever been.

Pamela is finally enjoying life again, and has been able to practice her favorite passions and hobbies that make life that much sweeter.

“Having the energy to play with Lorelei, my granddaughter has brought me more joy than anything," says Pamela. "She inspires me every day to keep going and to keep making healthier choices.”

Other than Elvis, singing, ballroom dancing, and playing with Lorelei, Pamela has found yet another source of happiness. It is something so good that when it arrives at her doorstep, she has to hide it from her friend, George.

“Sweet potato pancakes,” says Pamela. “It's my favorite meal from bistroMD, and George is always trying to steal them from me.”

Lisette Before and AfterHow Lisette Davila’s Hardships Helped Her Walk the Red Carpet

Lisette Davila will tell you herself that life hasn’t dealt her a really fair hand lately. After being unemployed for six months, and losing her hair at a young age, it’s easy to see how this mom’s stress levels caused her to tip the scales at over 175 pounds.

“When your mom’s side of the family is Sicilian and Puerto Rican, you know it’s in your DNA to eat too much,” says Lisette. “That, combined with stress, is basically a recipe for gaining weight.”

This past year has been tough for Lisette, especially when it comes to her weight. Unfortunately, for Lisette, troubles with weight is something this city girl has been struggling with her whole life.

“My childhood was pretty normal,” says Lisette. “But I can always remember struggling with weight, even at a very young age.”

Lisette’s parents showed her lots of love, especially when it came time to eat dinner. In many families, parents encourage their children to finish their meals completely, but Lisette’s parents took this practice very seriously.

“I literally could not get up from the table until I cleaned my entire plate,” recalls Lisette. “My parents wanted me to eat a lot because they thought I would be healthier that way. As their only child, they wanted to make sure I grew up to be healthy and strong. Eating was a big deal in my family, especially with my mom’s side, who were Puerto Rican and Sicilian.”

As a teenage girl, Lisette constantly struggled with weight issues, and always sought out the “quick” dieting fixes for her problems. This desperation for rapid weight loss got so bad that Lisette eventually resorted to starving herself.

“I was so desperate to lose weight that I struggled with anorexia for years,” says Lisette. “I hated my body, and I was just looking for a quick way to fix the problem.”

Right after high school, Lisette got pregnant with her first child and decided to be a stay-at-home mom. She raised her daughter, Gigi, at home for a few years, until Lisette decided she was ready to go back to work.

When she went back to work, Lisette succeeded in business, and became a respected manager at a top company in Chicago. Her performance was so impressive that the company decided to offer Lisette a job across the country in Nevada, which was an opportunity her and her family just couldn’t pass up.

Unfortunately, for Lisette and her family, the move would not prove to be the change they were hoping for. After only six months at her new job in Las Vegas, Lisette was let go, and she officially became unemployed.

This heart-wrenching stress certainly didn’t change Lisette’s eating habits for the better. After enduring an emotional rollercoaster, and dealing with the devastation of hair loss, Lisette quickly sank into depression, and coped with her emotions by eating more food.

“I have always been a chocolate fanatic, and for a while, junk food was the only thing I ate,” says Lisette. “I was so depressed, and food seemed to be my best option for comfort.”

With support from her family, and with help from her daughter, Lisette decided to turn her life around, and entered a contest that would bring her the much-needed boost she needed. One day, Lisette and her daughter came across a contest hosted by The Doctors television show to win a red carpet makeover. Out of thousands of applicants, Lisette was selected by the producers to receive a red carpet makeover, complete with a trip to the Daytime Emmy awards, six months of meals from bistroMD, and a luscious new head of hair.

Update: On June 19th, Lisette rocked her new look on the red carpet at the Daytime Emmy Awards.

With help from bistroMD, Lisette is losing weight and achieving her lifetime goal of living healthy. After only a month of eating meals from bistroMD, Lisette has managed to lose over 12 pounds. Her designer dress to the Emmys has even needed alterations a few times.

With six months of meals delivered to her door each week, Lisette won’t have trouble finding a few new favorite meals. In fact, one breakfast and one snack in particular leaves the red carpet ready mom giddy with anticipation.

“I love the chicken and mushroom crepes,” says Lisette. “I love crepes. Period. I like the chocolate fudge graham protein bar too. Give me chocolate, and I’m happy!”

Despite all of her hardships, Lisette’s life is starting to look brighter: with new hair, a new lifestyle, and a trip to the upcoming Daytime Emmys. Before her 40th birthday, though, there is one more thing that Lisette would like to accomplish.

“I want to weigh 130 pounds for my 40th birthday. I haven’t weighed that much since high school,” says Lisette.

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