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Success Stories

Here we celebrate success and share stories! Weight loss is about confidence, and knowing that others have accomplished the same task you've set out to conquer can be powerful motivation to reach your goal.

Success Stories

There are lots of stories to gain inspiration from, find some helpful words here!

Dr. Phil McGraw


“BistroMD is the best home meal delivery available!”

Dr. Phil McGraw
The Dr. Phil Show


Camille Guaty“I would tell anyone that it is definitely worth it. Thank you, BistroMD!”

Thank you, BistroMD! Being an actress, it is important to have healthy, nutritious meals available at all times. BistroMD made my life hassle-free. I was able to have three solid meals a day, without having to worry about the nutritional content.

I always knew I was eating what my body needed, and I had the freedom to choose what I desired to eat that day. Thank you, again. I would tell anyone that BistroMD is definitely worth it!

Camille Guaty, Actress
Hollywood, CA

Tim Morehouse“Since starting BistroMD, I’ve been able to eat healthy and delicious food consistently.”

It’s all about the diet! For years, I trained 3-5 hours a day for my sport, but yet still struggled to be at my ideal weight. While I would eat healthy as much as I could, I didn’t always have the time to prepare healthy meals.

Thanks to BistroMD, I can still eat healthy, and I still have time to train. The program really fits into my hectic schedule.

Tim Morehouse, Olympic Medalist
New York, NY

“It is like having your own personal chef and dietitian wrapped in one.”

BistroMD is probably the healthiest reward we have ever given on the show. It is like having your own personal chef and dietitian wrapped in one. BistroMD was a perfect match for the theme of the show.

Tod Dahlke, Producer
VH1 Celebrity Fit Club

Lisette Davila"Thanks to BistroMD, I will be red carpet ready for the Daytime Emmys!"

I uprooted my family from the only home we have ever known for a job promotion across the country. Six months later, I lost my job! I fell into a deep depression, gained weight, and lost a considerable amount of hair due to the overwhelming stress within such a short period of time.

Thanks to an incredible stroke of luck, I entered a contest for a red carpet makeover that was being promoted by The Doctors television show. I entered the contest, and I won! Not only did I win a trip to the Daytime Emmys, but the producers put me on the BistroMD meal plan for six months.

The food is delivered already prepared, so there's no calorie counting, measuring or cooking involved. Yay! The food is very delicious and filling. I was skeptical about losing weight, but I have already lost five pounds in week one alone!

Thanks to BistroMD, I know I will look fierce walking down the red carpet!

Lisette Davila, Featured Guest on The Doctors Show
Las Vegas, NV

Erin Stehl"BistroMD helped me achieve consistent weight loss."

I hit a wall in my weight loss, but I was able to call one of BistroMD's dietitians. The next week, I was back on track and losing weight. BistroMD is not a magic pill I took to instantly change my life. Instead, the meals helped me maintain consistent weight loss. I feel better than ever!

Erin Stehl, Featured Guest on Dr. Phil

Frank Cruz"BistroMD has helped me achieve my dreams!"

I have struggled with weight my whole life. In fact, yo-yo dieting has been such a big part of my life that it seems weird to have something that finally works for me.

BistroMD has helped me achieve my dreams because I needed my own chef in my house. With a full-time job, and my wife working full-time and raising our kids, neither one of us really have time to cook for ourselves. With BistroMD, it’s like I have my own personal chef, and I get free support from a dietitian. I have all the confidence I need to succeed. I don’t have to worry about cooking, or what I’m going to eat anymore.

Frank Cruz, Fat Man Unleashed, Inc.
Tampa, FL

Jerri Schlacter“This program is saving me.”

I’ve tried a few weight loss programs, but most of them had too much preparation involved and were very inconvenient. When my husband died, I turned to comfort food and dug myself into a hole of depression. I was physically and mentally sick, and it came to the point where I had to see a doctor for all the physical pain I was going through.

When I started BistroMD, I weighed 220 pounds and now I weigh 200. It’s amazing how much energy I have, and I’ve started exercising regularly for the first time in my life. Pound by pound, I get more motivated. This program is saving me.

Jerri Schlacter
Folsom, CA

Pamela Heffernan“Since starting the program over a month ago, I’ve lost 15 pounds.”

Having the energy to play with my granddaughter, Lorelei, has brought me more joy than anything. I have all this energy, and I’m able to attend Zumba classes twice a week. Since starting the program over a month ago, I’ve lost 15 pounds. I’m glad I decided to give BistroMD a try.

Pamela Heffernan
Auburn, NY

“If anyone would have told me that I could eat gourmet food AND lose weight, I would not have believed them.”

I am very pleased with the product and the service. If anyone would have told me that I could eat gourmet food AND lose weight, I would not have believed them. The food is incredible, the service has been great, and after week one I can say I weigh less than 200 pounds for the first time in five years. Awesome! I’m so excited to continue and enjoy the food and weight loss. I can't believe that this diet food is actually yummy food. I never feel like I’m missing out on something. Thanks, BistroMD!

Linda Lemen

Deb Whitcas

"The Weight is Just Dropping Off!"

I love you guys. When I first started the plan, I was about 150 pounds. Now, I am venturing into the 130's, and I just bought my first pair of 27 inch waist jeans!

I was about 30 inches when I started BistroMD. With the combo of me walking my dog and BistroMD, the weight is just dropping off! I have never gotten so many compliments in my life and for the first time in a long time I am actually being labeled as "skinny." It's the best feeling ever!

Thanks again!

Deb Whitcas
Manhattan Beach, CA

Mark Kruger

"Without BistroMD, I could not have achieved the weight loss at home that I have."

This is the truth!

Forget the fact that BistroMD is all incredibly tasty and well put together, but I love the fact that the nutrition information is with the package and easy to read. Because of that I know exactly what I'm eating.

Thank you, BistroMD!

Mark Kruger, Finalist on The Biggest Loser

"60 Pounds Lost After Having My Baby!"

Thanks BistroMD for helping me to get my body back after having my baby.

60 pounds lost!

Cindy Chambers

"BistroMD is a miracle for me!"

I love this program! I feel so lucky to be part of it. BistroMD is a miracle for me.

Before beginning the program, I had gone through some life-changing events, including the break-up of an engagement.

Well "TastiDlite" called my name far too often. Now with BistroMD, I lost 6 pounds in just one week.

Thank you for everything!

Ann Heckathorn
New York, NY

"OMG! I'm thrilled to have found BistroMD!"

I wanted to tell you how impressed I have been with your program. I have done the Zone, as well as Sunfare, and I am happily surprised with the thoroughness of your shipment, and instructions, and labeling, and of the taste. OMG! I am thrilled to have found you. Tell Dr. Cederquist I said thank you.

Kimberly Quackenbush
Martinez, CA  

"My body is healthy from the inside out!"

I had wonderful health news this week, since I have been on BistroMD. My blood cholesterol and triglycerides were so low that I am off my Lipitor.

For the first time in over 12 years, my body is healthy from the inside out!

Susan Alpert
New York, NY

"BistroMD is amazing!"

BistroMD is amazing, especially for busy people who tend to sabotage their diet no matter how good our intentions!

I easily hit my 14 pound goal and have maintained it for over two months now, without any real effort. At the age of 57, that is not an easy thing to do. The biggest change has been the simple way of choosing what I eat, whether at home or in a restaurant, fish or chicken is my first choice. I always knew what to do, but it actually became a habit by eating and very much enjoying the prepared meals. I needed the "re-education." Every time I get a compliment on the weight loss, I have to thank my daughter for telling me about the plan.

Best regards,

Beth Saleson
Riverside, CA

"Once you eat BistroMD, you will never eat another processed meal."

Before I used to buy all those frozen Lean Cuisine meals and those do not compare to BistroMD. Once you have BistroMD, you will never eat those horribly processed meals again.

BistroMD is the only thing for me!

Dennyse Stanford
Sammamish, WA

“Long story short, Tom has lost 38 pounds, was able to get off insulin, and is feeling great!”

My son Tom is in a program for semi-independent disabled adults in Irvine, California, called Project Independence. He has Prader-Willi Syndrome, which is a birth defect resulting in a dysfunction of the brain. This creates a preoccupation with food, and causes extreme weight gain on what is considered normal caloric intake for others. He is also diabetic. About two years ago, I was told by his team leader that Tom would probably have to leave the program because his weight was getting out of control. Tom loves the program, and has many friends there, including his girlfriend Heather.

In desperation, I started searching the internet for a food delivery program that might be right for Tom, so he could stay at Project Independence. There were a lot of programs, but nothing seemed to be appropriate. During my research, I came across BistroMD. It sounded healthy, but I thought it had too many calories for Tom. I called the dietitians to see if the calories could be reduced and it was suggested that we give the diet a try as is. I read that Dr. Cederquist designed this diet for weight loss and it was appropriate for diabetics and heart patients. It sounded too good to be true.

Long story short, Tom has lost 38 pounds, was able to get off insulin, and is feeling great! He is eating more calories than before - - just the right kind of calories. He has 8 more pounds to go before he reaches his goal. Tom is a lovable 38-year-old young man, and when food intake is properly managed, he is free to enjoy life. BistroMD has been a blessing to all of us.

Sandy Stinson (Tom's mom)
Irvine, CA

“Easy to stick with, and the food is delicious! Easy to lose weight – I lost 4 pounds last week.”

First of all, I want to thank BistroMD for being so courteous whenever I call with requests or questions. Dealing with your company has been a joy and so easy. I knew I wanted to get on a nutritious program that would help me lose weight and I have finally found this program—it’s so EASY! Easy to stick with, and the food is delicious! Easy to lose weight – I lost 4 pounds last week and two pounds this week. But the thing that surprised me most was the extra time I had for my family. Usually when I’m on a diet, I spend a lot of time planning meals and finding recipes. Then, I spend more time grocery shopping for special products. And, of course, there’s time in the kitchen—cooking and cleaning. That’s what makes this program really easy. I just pick out a meal, pop it in the microwave, and serve it on a plate. Cleanup is a breeze – I just take the individual meal trays and toss them in the trash. All that’s left to clean is one plate, a fork and a knife. Since my whole family is on the program for dinners, we all enjoy the extra time we get to spend together! Thanks for making it all so easy!

Robin D.
Matthews, NC

“The meals are so delicious. I look forward to a new one every day.”

Delicious meals with satisfying snacks arrived at my door only a few days after I placed my order. The meal plan offers a wide variety of cuisine, which keeps me looking forward to the next new flavorful meal. The meals are so delicious. I look forward to a new one every day. BistroMD started me on my way to healthier eating. I have lost 15 pounds in just one month!

Dianne L. Reynolds, M.D.
Richmond, VA

“Without the help of your program, I could never have lost this weight!”

I have lost 60 pounds, and have 25 more to go to get to my goal weight. I was 230 pounds, and want to get to 140. Without the help of your program, I could never have lost this weight!

Los Angeles, CA

“I went from a size 26, to a size 16 in two months!”

I could hardly walk—now I am jogging. I went from a size 26, to a size 16 in two months. Last weekend, I went shopping in a regular-size clothing store for the first time in years! Thank you, BistroMD!

Fort Myers, FL

“I have tried every diet and product available—this has worked!”

I have been on BistroMD for four months—and have tried every diet and product available. BistroMD has worked!

Eileen Boothwall
Bridgeville, DE

“The meals taste great—I couldn’t believe some were only 260 calories!”

The BistroMD meals are huge! And, they taste great—I couldn’t believe some were only 260 calories. I gave my husband Lean Cuisine at 290 calories—half the portion size. He was not happy!!

Lorna D. Savage
Southport, CT

“I feel great, my husband feels great—we are both feeling great together!”

I feel great, my husband feels great—we are both feeling great together! We have both lost weight—down from 245 to 219, and waist size—down from 41 to 38!

Phyllis Coble
Nashville, TN

“I am 35 years old, and feel the best I have felt in 35 years!”

I am 35 years old and I feel the best, most energetic, and most balanced that I have felt in 35 years.

Jill Hart
New York, NY

“This was not just a diet—but a way to maintain the weight I want after losing 35 pounds.”

Exceeded my expectations! BistroMD taught me how to lose weight, eat well, and feel good all at the same time. This was not just a diet—but a way to eat nutritiously and maintain the weight I want after losing 35 pounds in just four months. Thank You!

Eva Freeman
Naples, FL

“I feel wonderful, my self-esteem has risen, and I feel like I can run a marathon.”

I feel wonderful, my self-esteem has risen, and I feel like I can run a marathon. I will be content to walk without being breathless and fatigued to keep up with my two year old granddaughter, who is a non-stop dynamo of activity and energy.

Lana Cahill  
Hot Springs, CO

“Now, on my fourth week, I’ve lost 14 pounds, and my energy has improved dramatically.”

I was skeptical when I first joined; I thought it was just another diet. Now, on my fourth week, I’ve lost 14 pounds so far. I feel significantly better, and my energy has improved dramatically. Now, I recommend BistroMD to all my friends.

Canton, OH

“This program is very easy to follow.”

This program is very easy to follow. I thought I could not live without bread and potatoes, but I do not even want them anymore, thanks to BistroMD.

Little Rock, AR

“Food is the best I ever tasted! Better than any restaurant I go to.”

Food is the best I ever tasted! Better than any restaurant I go to. I plan to eat all my meals from BistroMD, except when my friends take me to Outback.

Patricia Smith

“I actually enjoyed losing weight.”

I actually enjoyed losing weight on your program. It was easy.

Norma Schroeder  
Valparaiso, IN

“I am not starving myself to lose weight.”

I feel like I am eating more than I ever did. I am not starving myself to lose weight, I am not deprived. I am never hungry.

Paulette Viviano
Hershey, PA

“I love this diet!”

I love this diet! It works really well with my lifestyle!

Sanibel, FL

“After three weeks of following the plan, I’ve noticed a boost in my energy.”

After three weeks of following the plan, and exercising on a daily basis, I’ve noticed a boost in energy and can now walk upstairs without putting both feet on the same step. I can walk upstairs normally now.

Ocean City, MD

“At least 5-10 people noticed my weight loss, and said how great I looked!”

Bought two new suits – size 10. I haven’t worn a size 10 in 4-5 years! At least 5-10 people noticed my weight loss and said how great I looked. Four people all in the same day!

Peggy Wagner
San Francisco, CA

“I lost 5% of my body mass, and lost over 5 inches!”

I am a busy working mom, family caregiver, and graduate student. BistroMD "takes care" of me by providing delicious and nutritious meals right to my doorstep. It is wonderful! I just weighed in 10 pounds less than when I started almost a month ago. I lost 5% of my body mass, and lost over 5 inches!

Boulder, Colorado

“Everything about the plan is awesome!”

I have been eating Bistro MD meals five days per week for one month now and I've already lost 10 pounds. Other than starting the meal plan, I haven't made any other lifestyle changes. I love to cook, eat healthy, and try all of the great restaurants in NYC, where I live.

So I was skeptical, to say the least, about living on pre-made food. I fully expected to give up flavor, variety, and most of all decent portions. I was way off on all counts!

The food is amazing. When BistroMD says "restaurant quality" they mean it! The portions are perfect for me. I'm a big eater - portion control is one of my major food problems - and I have never felt deprived or hungry while eating BistroMD meals. They are satisfying in every way. The snacks are also great, and give me the between meal boost that I need. It's hard to believe that I've never really felt hungry on the plan.

My other concern with this diet was beverages. I love beer. I'm a beer connoisseur. I've traveled the world drinking some of the best beers ever made. I wasn't about to give it up. I didn't. I've been drinking beer, adding a little extra food on occasion, enjoying my days off on the weekend, and haven't altered my life what-so-ever - and I've still lost 10 pounds! I've tried for years to lose that same 10 pounds but I could never break through that plateau. Now I've done it, without even trying! I also have a cholesterol problem, so I had my doctor review the BistroMD website / plan before I started it, and he fully approves.

When I go out to eat with friends, I either eat with them (and save my meal for a weekend) or I have a salad and eat my BistroMD before or after going out. It's also so easy to bring to work. I often work long hours, so I bring my lunch and dinner to work and make it in the microwave. The customer service is excellent too. I've made a couple of requests about certain foods / snacks that I didn't love, and they happily made the adjustment before my next delivery.

Everything about the plan is awesome!

Greg Pace

"Last week, I hit the 50 pound mark! I'm very happy with the results I'm getting from BistroMD!"

Last week, I hit the 50 pound mark! I'm very happy with the results I'm getting! When I started, I only planned to stay on BistroMD for three or four weeks to get me started. I make it easier to accept the expense by looking at it as an important investment in myself. Cheers!

Holly Mion
Reynoldsburg, OH

"To date, I've lost over 50 pounds!"

I am so pleased with BistroMD. To date, I've lost over 50 pounds. This is the lowest that I've been in over 18 years. When I started the diet, I weighed in at 350 pounds.

Concetta Wilson
Meriden, CT

"No muss, no fuss. I've already lost 5 pounds."

I've started my second week and am having a wonderful time enjoying all the great meals. No muss, no fuss, and in addition to that, I've already lost 5 pounds. My goal is to lose 50 pounds. I recommend BistroMD to anyone desiring delicious, healthy, portion-controlled meals and snacks.

Nora Barbee
Las Vegas, NV

"I've never seen a diet where the food was this good and so plentiful!"

I cannot thank you enough for the great help you have given me. Just so you know, I've never seen a diet where the food was this good and so plentiful!

I will recommend this to anyone. Great job with the food. I cannot imagine who would still be hungry after eating all this food...good food!

Linda Garcia
San Antonio, TX

"Thank you for making this such a pleasant experience."

Once again, I just want to say you have made my life so much easier. All of the lunches and dinners have been great. The hardest part is not buying so much when I do go to the grocery store. I used to waste so much food. I would buy it, but never really have the time to cook. I do love to cook, but I don't have the time. Plus, BistroMD gives me so much variety. I love it.

Thank you for making this such a pleasant experience.

Bonnie Fodermaier
San Antonio, TX

"The selection is terrific! So is your dietitian's help."

I'm working out, upping my water intake, sleeping and eating what BistroMD sends me. I'm 4 pounds lighter already!

The selection is terrific. So is your dietitian's help!

Sonny Warner
Port Aransas, TX

"We had tried Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Never again."

Well, my husband and I have only been on the program for 3 or 4 days, so details about weight loss will be forthcoming. However, the food is incredible! Right up there with 5 star restaurants. And your free dietitian support is great!

We had tried Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Never again.

Thanks, BistroMD!

Patricia and Jack Hall
Desert Hot Springs, CA

"This has been the best diet I have ever been on!"

I must say the food is great. I can't wait to see what I am going to have for lunch and dinner. I'm sticking to the diet and have already lost 10 pounds. This has been the best diet I have ever been on.


Nancy White
Germantown, MD

"I can tell my friends that BistroMD rocks!"

I just had the barbeque chicken and it was fabulous! Sooooo good!

Thank you, and you guys officially have a new member! Now, I can tell my friends that BistroMD rocks!

Judy Stark
San Francisco, CA

"Your program is hands down better than anything else out there!"

Thanks! It is great to have achieved my goal! I could not have done it without you guys. Your program is hands down better than anything else out there. I have friends who have tried some of the other meal delivery diets and you guys have them beat on quality, variety, taste and results.

You guys have them beat on all fronts in my book. Thanks again.

Diane Stein
Clearwater, FL

"The food is very good and fulfilling."

It's only been one week, but I have lost a little over 4 pounds with BistroMD. The food is very good and fulfilling. It does not leave you starving or craving for anything. I have tried artificial foods from other diets, and to find out that BistroMD is actual food, it really is amazing, and the best part is that it is teaching me about portion control. That was always my biggest problem. The best part is, I'm satisfied all day long. I love it!

Cheryl Martin
Big Pine Key, FL

"My pants are getting just TOO big."

I'm thrilled to report that I've lost 30 pounds since June 1st. In the last few weeks, I've found myself having to take off pants as I get ready for work because they are just too big!

Tracey Ruppel
Indianapolis, IN

"Thank you for making such a great product and for having such awesome customer service."

I love the food and recommend BistroMD to all of my family. Again, thank you for making such a great product and for having such awesome customer service. I've tried a bunch of other plans in the past and they all had their pros and cons, but I would say your program has been the best. I just wish some of my family would try it with me. I've lost and gained these 70 pounds before and this is the longest I've ever kept them off with BistroMD. September 9th is my "official" 2 year anniversary of hitting my goal weight.

Rina Brown
San Diego, CA

"I have lost 50 pounds."

I have lost 50 pounds! Never thought it was possible. Thank you for such a healthy food program that has taught me how to eat.

Barbara May
Gig Harbor, WA

"I owe all of it to BistroMD."

I have currently lost 57.6 pounds and last Wednesday, my HgbA1C was 6.1, which is a normal blood sugar level! I owe all of it to BistroMD.

Sydna Little
Port Charlotte, FL

"This food program has really saved my life."

I am so thrilled with this program. I have lost 20 pounds and feel wonderful. This is just my first 20 pounds, though. I have a long way to go but I am on my way to a much healthier and happy life.

This food program has really saved my life. After some shocking evaluations from a health screening, I went home and sat on the couch. I had to make a serious decision: did I want to live or die? If I had kept going the former would be the decision made for me. But I decided I wanted to live.

My first step was to start with your program. I went to my doctor four weeks after I started the diet and my test levels were so rewarding. My blood pressure dropped from 220/120 to 128/80 and my cholesterol dropped from 255 to 205. I have always managed to have good HDL but it is even better now, too. So, need I say it again? Your program is great and has worked miracles for me. I am so motivated and excited. You have truly saved me and added quality years to my life.

Joan Taylor
Fort Mill, SC

"I love this program!"

I love this program, and I've told all my friends about it. I'm never hungry, the food is fabulous, it's like having my own personal chef, and I'm losing daily. Holy cow!

Last night was my "free" night, and I was a little nervous, but I ate well and smartly, and my appetite has certainly decreased and I'm learning and getting some great ideas for when I travel.

Thank you!

Victoria Dillingham
Santa Barbara, CA

"The meals are tasty and filling."

In the past, I've used a local "healthy eating" program with freshly prepared meals to lose weight, but I was always hungry. I would end up cheating and eating items that weren't on the plan. I haven't had to do that with BistroMD.

I've really enjoyed the program so far. The meals are tasty and filling. I thought I'd be hungry, but I haven't been.

Thanks so much!

Jennifer Stolzenbach
Elmhurst, IL

"The results have been phenomenal!"

I have to say that the results have been phenomenal! I am about to start my 8th week and to date I have lost the twenty pounds I was shooting for. It was difficult at first getting accustomed to "normal" portion sizes, but after about two weeks, it was a piece of cake.

The food was excellent, the weekly information included in my food shipments was both interesting and very informative and calls to your company are really answered by...real people!

I believe you have done much more for me than just losing the weight; you have really educated me about not only what to eat, but also how much. I believe I can fly out of my nest now and take care of myself. It was comforting to know that you can also tailor a program going forward if I should need it.

Thanks to all of you at BistroMD!

David Carlson
Tucson, AZ

"Thank you for creating such an amazing program with such amazing meals."

Why I love BistroMD: The other day, I weighed in at the gym at 159 pounds, which means I have lost a total of 28 pounds! Shocking but true.

My reunion was great because I had so many people come up to me and say, "wow, what have you done?" "Wow, you are looking so lean." "Wow, stop losing weight you're getting too thin!" I said I will continue to diet until I see an ab before I die!

Thank you for creating such an amazing program and such amazing meals. I never get sick of my meals. They are one million times better than anything I can personally cook up, and frankly, when my friends see the meals, I see them getting hungry themselves! Give my compliments to your chefs!

All in all, I wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing program. I don't think a day doesn't go by that I am not thankful for you guys and for all my weight loss. I am proud to tell people about your program and hope it brings you more success with it.


"BistroMD has been a real partner in my lifestyle change."

From 320 pounds to a triathlon! BistroMD has been a real partner in my lifestyle change.

Exactly one year ago, I was weighing in at 320 pounds. I had lost some weight, and by the end of December I had lost only 15 pounds (darn those holidays). I finally got serious about my weight loss, having watched specials on the Discovery Health channel about "super obesity" I knew I could become one.

I started my food program with BistroMD. This food program was the key that got my weight loss moving and still moving. I then stepped back into the gym. I have wanted to do a triathlon for over 10 years and I thought fat people just don't do that...well, I was wrong. I am at 240 pounds now and I finished my first mini-sprint triathlon, a 400 meter swim (.25 mile), 8 mile bike with a 1.86 mile run.

Now, 80 pounds later, I did my first triathlon, and I'm not stopping there. I will continue to train and get ready for a Sprint triathlon.

Robin McGuire
Centreville, VA

"I am very happy that I have my weight under control again!"

I'm 5'6'' and started at 175 or 176 and am down to 171 or 172 pounds, all in this first week! I'm also exercising 3-4 times per week. I just started a new career last year that keeps me at a desk all of the time, without the extra time or energy to cook lately, so this plan fits my lifestyle very well. I am very happy to finally start getting my weight under control again!

Sarah Kaput
Rockville, MD

"I love the compliments and being a 30" waist again!"

I look and feel great. I have pretty much sustained the weight, about 158-160 and holding, and that's still almost 30 pounds lost!!

I am going to keep ordering the food till I die because I hate cooking and I love the meals and I feel healthy and skinny. I don't mind taking my shirt off. I love the compliments and being a 30" waist again!

Last week, I got a text from a friend that said, "What are you doing to lose all the weight? Send me their website!"

Love it!!!!

Denny Garbulo
San Francisco, CA

"I'm very happy with the results."

My main concern when I started BistroMD was that I have been having problems controlling my blood sugar levels. No matter how hard I tried I could not keep it under 120/mg. Today, as usual, I tested one hour after lunch and my blood sugar is 90/mg. I can't remember when was the last time that I had it this low. Very happy with the results.


Carmen Ross
Las Vegas, NV

"The food is absolutely wonderful!"

Thank you so much. The food is absolutely wonderful. I went out to a high-end restaurant over the weekend and the dish I ordered did not taste as good as what I received from BistroMD. It was "My Night". I was almost sorry!

Ivette Richardson
Carolina, Puerto Rico

"Goal: met!"

I treat patients in physical therapy and a lot of them have weight concerns. BistroMD worked for me and I will recommend to my patients. Goal: met!

Thank you!

Sandra Stryker
Happy Valley, OR

"I am doing really well and am very satisfied with this program."

BistroMD: keep up the good work! I am doing very well and am very satisfied with this program. The foods are filling and taste great. Having been on Jenny Craig in the past, there is no comparison. I love the fact that I do not need to go grocery shopping.

I have a history of thyroid cancer and am post-menopausal. This combination helped me gain over 60 pounds and I have failed at numerous attempts to shed this weight. I am losing weight faster than ever before and feel for the first time in years that I can be successful on your program.

Linda Montgomery
Olympia, WA

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Written by bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 14, 2019.


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