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Success Stories

Here we celebrate success and share stories! Weight loss is about confidence, and knowing that others have accomplished the same task you've set out to conquer can be powerful motivation to reach your goal.

BistroMD Success Stories: Susan Nava

Determination to succeed is what Susan used to overcome her depression and weight.

BistroMD Success Stories: Susan Nava

For many women headed toward the inevitable challenge of menopause, there is little to look forward to but weight gain and hot flashes. While there is no stopping menopause, there are ways to make the transition much easier to bear. Contrary to the most commonly held perceptions, women entering this stage of life are not doomed to suffer. Rather, as Susan Nava discovered, with the right tools they can look forward to living a happier and healthier life.

The story of Susan Nava is likely to echo that of thousands upon thousands of women, each year. In what seemed like a blink of her eyes, Susan watched as her weight began to rise, and her energy levels drop. Before she knew it, her weight had ballooned to 250 pounds, and her cholesterol had shot through the roof to 245. Susan knew that she had to do something about her deteriorating heath quickly if she wanted to avoid serious health complications.

After repeated visits to doctors who passed Susan's weight and cholesterol gains off as merely the product of her age, she became depressed. Rather than treat her weight gain as a product of her diet, in combination with other factors such as age and genetics, Susan's doctors simply suggested cholesterol medications and exercise.

Words of a Desperate Woman

"I was becoming depressed. I knew I deserved better than this wreck for my life..."

"It became increasingly difficult to get up in the morning. I spent August to January in misery; hating myself and my life."

"No hope in sight."

"But I kept looking and praying."

"I didn’t quit."

Determination to Succeed

Thankfully, it would be Susan's own commitment to living a better life that led her to the solution to her menopause weight gain - bistroMD.

Like so many thousands of determined men and women, Susan turned to the one beacon of hope shining through their curtain of doubt and despair. Rather than simply writing her off as another middle-aged woman destined to be overweight and unhealthy, bistroMD understood Susan's plight.

"I started bistroMD on January 24, 2007. In the 16 weeks that followed, I lost 35 pounds!"

And Susan's success did not end there. Not only was she able to shed 35 pounds that not even her doctors, nor countless attempted diets, could banish, but she also dramatically lowered her cholesterol. In a twist of events that would make even Hollywood producer M. Night Shyamanlan's eyebrows rise, Susan's cholesterol readings dropped from 245 to 181 - in 16 weeks!

A Complete Transformation of Mind and Body

As Susan continues on the path of dieting success she is happy to report that she is well on her way to losing an additional 35 pounds. Her waist has shrunk from 41 to 37 inches, and her weight loss is showing no signs of slowing down. She happily delights that, "I can see the bones in my neck!" This was not possible before she began dieting with bistroMD.

Aside from the physical aspects of Susan's weight loss, there has also a less tangible - but still very real - transformation in the way that she feels about life.

"Emotionally, I feel better; I have hope. I am planning for a great future. I feel that a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders," says Susan.

Additionally, Ms. Nava reports that she no longer has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, and that she even has plenty of energy left when she gets home from work. "I want to encourage others. I feel that the bistroMD diet plan is a fantastic tool. It made all the difference for me."

Dieting Easy with bistroMD

As you can plainly see, Susan Nava's life was completely transformed with the help of bistroMD. Because of her willingness to speak openly about her weight loss experience, we asked Susan which elements of the program she enjoys the most:

"I don't have to go to the grocery store and face my desires for interesting food. Rather, interesting food comes to me. Nor do I have to worry about planning, weighing, and measuring every morsel that goes into my mouth. Hooray for freedom!"

"When I get hungry I know that the hunger will end with a satisfying meal, and I feel like I can't wait. I've found, however, that the benefits of waiting are great!"

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Written by bistroMD Team. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on June 14, 2019.


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